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Nov 06, 2004 05:40 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

PART I Adepts -- Masters - Mahatmas = THEIR WORK

A few quotations on:--





"...the [ Theosophical ] movement has grown in consequence of the effort of
those who are devoted to an ideal, inspired by enthusiasm, filled with a
lasting gratitude to H. P. Blavatsky. Their ideal is the service of
Humanity, the ultimate potential perfectibility of man as exemplified by the
Masters and Adepts of all ages, including the present." WQJ ART II 21


"...the cycles of woe (undergone by the Arhan who remains to help mankind),
it is easy to understand...terms must be used which the reader will
understand...hence...(from our standpoint) it must be said that there are
such cycles of woe...just as the fact that I [W.Q.Judge] have no amusements,
and nothing but work in the T.S., seems a great penance to those who like
their pleas-ures. I, on the contrary, take pleasure and peace in the
"self-denial," as they call it. Therefore, it must follow that he who
enters the secret Path finds his peace and pleasure in endless work for ages
for Humanity. But, of course with his added sight and knowledge, he must
always be seeing the self-inflicted miser-ies of men. The mistake you make
is to give the person thus "sacrificed" the small qualities and longings as
we now have, whereas the wider sweep and power of soul make what we call
sac-rifice and woe something different." WQJ LETTERS p. 116


"...what was long ago said--that the Master would manage results. You must
not manage, precipitate, nor force...By gen-tleness, detachment, strict
attention to duty, and retiring now and then to the quiet place, bring up
good currents...Remember it is through the little things the work is done
through, for they are not noticed, while the lager ones draw the eyes and
minds of all...A steady mind and heart stands still and quiet until the
muddy stream rolls clear."



from the GITA

"This is the royal knowledge, the royal mystery, the most excellent
purifier, clearly comprehensible, not opposed to sacred law, easy to perform
and inexhaustible..."All this universe is pervaded by me in my invisible
form; all things exist in me, but I do not exist in them. Nor are all
things in me; behold this my divine mystery: myself causing all things to
exist and sup-porting them all but dwelling not in them. Understand that
all things are in me even as the mighty air which passeth everywhere is in the end of a kalpa all things return into my nature, and then
again at the beginning of another kalpa I cause them to evolve again.
Taking control of my own nature I emanate again and again this whole
assemblage of beings, without their will, by the power of the material
essence (Prakriti)..." 

GITA P. 64-5

"There dwelleth in the heart of every being...the Master--Ishwara--who by
his magic power causeth all things and creatures to revolve, mounted upon
the universal wheel of time. Take sanctuary with him alone..." GITA p.

"There is the three regions of the universe which it is
necessary for me to perform, nor anything possible to obtain, which I have
not obtained; and yet I am constantly in action. If I were not
indefatigable in action, all men would presently follow my example ... If I
did not perform actions these creatures would perish; I should be the cause
of confusion of castes, and should have slain all these creatures." GITA


"...Masters are working in many ways, and through many or-ganizations as
well as with individuals. There are no barriers to Their assistance, except
such as personalities impose upon themselves. Their work is universal; let
our view be as much in that direction as possible. So shall we best serve
and know." 

RC FP p. 5


"There must be an adherence to the program of the Masters. That can only be
ascertained by consulting her [HPB] and the let-ters given out by her as
from Those to whom she refers. There is not much doubt about that
program."..."This is the moment to guide the recurrent impulse which must
soon come and which will push the age toward extreme atheism or drag it back
to extreme sacerdotalism, if it is not led to the primitive, soul-satisfying
philosophy of the Aryans."..."We must follow this program and supply the
world with a system of philosophy which gives a sure and logical basis for
ethics, and that can only be gotten from those to which I have
adverted."..."By our unity the smallest effort made by us will have ten-fold
the power of any obstacle before us or any opposition offered by the
world."..."Our destiny is to continue the wide work of the past in affecting
literature and thought throughout the world, while our ranks see many
chang-ing quantities but always holding those who remain true to the
program, and refuse to become dogmatic or give up common sense in Theosophy.
Thus we will wait for the new messenger, striving to keep the organization
alive that he may use it."


quoted by RC, FP p. 153 -- [WQJ ART II p. 145-6]


"The real ones [Adepts] have a wide work to do in many de-partments of life
and in preparing certain persons who have a future work to do. Though their
influence is wide they are not suspected, and that is the way they want to
work for the present. There are some also who are at work with certain
individuals in some of the aboriginal tribes in America, as among those are
Egos who are to do still more work in another incarnation, and they must be
prepared for it now. Nothing is omitted by these Adepts. in Europe it is
the same way, each sphere of work being governed by the time and the place."
WQJ ART I 432-3


"The process of evolution up to reunion with the Divine is and includes
successive elevation from rank to rank of power and usefulness. The most
exalted beings still in the flesh are known as Sages, Rishis, Brothers,
Masters. Their great functions being the preservation at all times, and
when cyclic laws permit, the extension of spiritual knowledge and influence.

As to the process of spiritual development, Theosophy teaches:

1. That the essence of the process lies in the securing of
su-premacy to the highest, the spiritual, element of man's nature.

2. That this is attained along 4 lines, among others, --

A. The entire eradication of selfishness in all forms,
and the cultivation of broad, generous sympathy in, and effort for the good
of others.

B. The absolute cultivation of the inner, spiritual man
by meditation, by reaching to and communion with the Divine [within], and by
exercise of the kind described by Patanjali, i.e., incessant striving to an
ideal end.

C. The control of fleshly appetites and desires, all
low-er, material interests being deliberately subordinated to the behests of
the spirit.

D. The careful performance of every duty belonging to
one's station in life, without desire for reward, leaving results for Divine

3. That while the above is incumbent on and practicable by all
religiously disposed men, a yet higher plane of spiritual attain-ment is
conditioned upon a specific course of training, physical, intellectual and
spiritual, by which the internal faculties are first aroused and then

4. That an extension of this process is reached in Arhatship,
Mahatmaship, or the states of Rishis, Sages and Dhyan Chohans, which are all
exalted stages, attained by laborious self-discipline and hardship
protracted through possibly many incarna-tions, and with many degrees of
initiation and preferment, beyond which are yet other stages ever
approaching the Divine.

As to the rationale of spiritual development it asserts:

1. That the process takes place entirely within the individual
himself, the motive, the effort, and the result proceeding from his own
inner nature, along the lines of self-evolution.

2. That still more is gained by a career of duty, piety and

3. That a still greater advance is attained by the attentive and
devoted use of the means to spiritual culture heretofore stated.

4. That every race and individual of it reaches in evolution a
period known as "the moment of choice," when they decided for themselves
their future by a deliberate and conscious choice bet-ween eternal life and
death, and that this right of choice is the 

peculiar appanage of the free soul. It cannot be exercised until the man
has realized the soul within him, and until that soul has attained some
measure of self-consciousness in the body. The moment of choice is not a
fixed period of time; it is made up of all moments. It cannot come unless
all previous lives have led up to it. For the race as a whole it has not
yet come. Any individual can hasten the advent of this period for himself
under the previously stated law of the ripening of Karma. Should he then
fail to choose right he is not wholly condemned, for the economy of nature
provides that he shall again and again have the opportunity of choice when
the moment arrives for the whole race..." WQJ -- AN EPITOME 25-27 


"They have disciples with whom communication is already es-tablished and
carried on, most generally through the inner ear and eye, but sometimes
through the prosaic one else is involved and no one else has the
right to put questions...To spread broadcast a mass of written
communications among those who are willing to accept them without knowing
how to judge them would be the sheerest folly, only productive of
superstition and blind credulity. This is not the aim of the Adepts, nor
the method they pursue." WQJ ART I 452


"Now, as the great Adepts live in the plane of our inner nature, it must
follow that they might be actively helping every one of us after the date
[1897-98] referred to, and we, as physi-cal brain men, not be conscious of
it on this plane." WQJ ART II 506

"Fix your thoughts again on Those Elder Brothers, work for Them, serve Them,
and They will help through the right appro-priate means and no other. To
meditate on the Higher Self is difficult. Seek, then, the bridge--the
Masters... Those who know the Truth will teach it. Give up doubt..."


"I am glad that you have such faith in the Great workers who are behind us.
They are behind us, to my personal knowledge, and not behind me only, but
behind all sincere workers. I know that their desire is that each should
listen to the voice of his inner self and not depend too much on outside
people, whether they be Masters, Eastern disciples or what not. By a
dependence of that kind you become at last thoroughly independent, and then
the un-seen helpers are able to help all the more."

WQJ LETTERS p. 112-3

"Those who can to any extent assimilate the Master, to that extent they are
the representative of the Master, and have the help of the Lodge in its
work." WQJ LETTERS p. 113


"...the doctrine, well-known in India, of the reappearance of Avatars...all
admit that the true doctrine is stated by Krish-na [see above]. These
appearances among men for the purpose of restoring the equilibrium are not
the same as the rule of Vivas-wata and Manu first spoken of, but are the
coming to earth of Avatars or Saviors. That there is a periodicity to them
is stated in the words "from age to age." He is here speaking of the great
cycles about which hitherto the Masters have been sil-ent except to say that
there are such great cycles. It is very generally admitted now that the
cyclic law is of the highest im-portance in the consideration of evolution
and Man's desti-ny. But the coming of an Avatar must be strictly in
accordance with natural law,--and that law demands that at the time of such
an event there also appears a being who represents the other pole--, for, as
Krishna says, the great law of the two opposites is eternally present it the
world... The number of magicians de-veloped among the nations at such a time
is very great, but one towers above them all, making the rest pay
tribute...[this is] a sober truth, and the present prevalence of
self-seeking and money-getting is exactly the sort of training of certain
quali-ties that black magicians will exemplify in ages to come. The
Krishna--or howsoever named--appears "in visible shape, a man with men."
His power is as great as the evil one, but he has on his side what the
others have not--spirit, preservative, conser-vative forces. With these he
is able to engage in conflict with the black magicians, and in it he is
assisted by all of us who are really devoted to Brotherhood. The result is
a victory for the good and destruction for the wicked." WQJ GITA
NOTES pp. 106-9


Q.:-- "What then are the Adepts doing?

A.:-- (a) Assisting all good movements by acting on men from behind the
scenes through mental influence.

(b) Preparing as many men and women who are fit for it so that
they may, in their next incarnation, appear in the world as active devotees
to the good of the Human Family.

(c) Spreading now, through impulses given in many places which
must not be mention, a philosophy of life which will gradually affect the
race mind, and in particular the active, con-quering Western peoples, thus
preparing the whole people to change and evolve yet further and further
until evils disappear and better days and people reappear." WQJ


"...he is the mysterious (to the profane--the ever invis-ible) yet ever
present Personage about whom legends are rife in the East, especially among
the Occultists and the students of the Sacred Science. It is he who changes
form, yet remains ever the same. And it is he again who holds spiritual
sway over the initiated Adepts throughout the whole world. He is, as said,
the "Nameless One" who has so many names, and yet whose names and whose very
nature are unknown. He is the "Initiator," called the "GREAT SACRIFICE."
For sitting at the threshold of LIGHT, he looks into it from within the
circle of Darkness, which he will not cross; nor will he quit his post till
the last day of this life-cycle. Why...Because the lonely, sore-footed
pilgrims on their way back to their home are never sure to the last moment
of not losing their way in this limitless desert of illusion and matter
called Earth-Life. Because he would fain show the way to that region of
freedom and light, from which he is a voluntary exile himself, to every
prisoner who has succeeded in liberating himself from the bonds of flesh and
illusion. Because, in short, he has sacrificed himself for the sake of
mankind, though but a few Elect may profit by the GREAT SACRIFICE. It is
under the direct, silent guidance of this MAHA--(great)--GURU that all the
other less divine Teachers and instructors of mankind became, from the first
awakening of human consciousness, the guides of early Humanity. It is
through these "Sons of God" that infant humanity got its first notions of
all the arts and sciences, as well as of spiritual knowledge; and it is
they who have laid the first foundation-stone of those ancient civilizations
that puzzle so sorely our modern generation of students and scholars."

SD I 207-8


"...divine man dwelt in his animal--though externally human--form; and, if
there was instinct in him, no self-con-sciousness came to enlighten the
darkness of the latent 5th prin-ciple [Manas]. When moved by the law of
Evolution, the Lords of Wisdom infused into him the spark of consciousness,
the first feeling it awoke to life and activity was a sense of solidarity,
of one-ness with his spiritual creators. As the child's first feeling is
for its mother and nurse, so the first aspirations of the awakening
consciousness in primitive man were for those whose element he felt within
himself, and who yet were outside, and independent of him. DEVOTION arose
out of that feeling, and be-came the first and foremost motor in his nature;
for it is the only one which is natural in our heart, which is innate in us,
and which we find alike in human babe and the young of the ani-mal. This
feeling of irrepressible, instinctive aspiration in primitive man ..."
SD I 210


"Up to the period marked by the first earthly King called Ikshwaku, the
Ruler was a spiritual Being whom all men knew to be such, for his power,
glory, benevolence, and wisdom were evident. He lived an immense number of
years, and taught men not only Yoga but also arts and sciences. The ideas
implanted then, having been set in motion by one who knew all the laws,
remain as inher-ent ideas to this day...(105) They are preserved by the
uneducat-ed masses, who, having no scholastic theories to divert their
minds, keep up what is left of the succession of ideas."

GITA NOTES p. 104-5

"Alone the adepts, i.e., the embodied spirits--are forbidden by our wise and
intransgressible laws to completely subject to themselves another and weaker
will,--that of free born man. The latter mode of proceeding is the favorite
one resorted to by the "Brothers of the Shadow," the Sorcerers, the
Elementary Spooks, and, as an isolated exception--by the highest Planetary
(41) Spirits, those, who can no longer err. But those appear on Earth but
at the origin of every new human kind; at the junction of, and close of the
two ends of the great cycle. And, they remain with man no longer than the
time required for the eternal truths they teach to impress themselves so
forcibly upon the plastic minds or the new race as to warrant them from
being lost or en-tirely forgotten in ages hereafter, by the forthcoming
genera-tions. The mission of the planetary Spirits is but to strike the
KEY-NOTE OF TRUTH. Once he has directed the vibration of the latter to run
its course uninterruptedly along the catenation of that race and to the end
of the cycle--the denizen of the highest inhabited sphere disappears from
the surface of our planet--till the following "resurrection of flesh." The
vibrations of the Primitive Truth are what your philosophers name "innate
ideas." M.L. 40-1

"...the primeval one Truth, taught humanity in the infancy of its races by
every First Messenger--the Planetary Spirit men-tioned [above]--and whose
(49) remembrance lingered in the memory of man as Elu of the Chaldees,
Osiris the Egyptian, Vishnu, the first Buddhas and so on." M.L. 48-9

"...Truth is One, and cannot admit of diametrically opposite views; and
pure Spirits who see it as it is, with the veil of matter entirely withdrawn
from it cannot err. Now, if we allow of different aspects or portions of
the Whole Truth being visible to different agencies or intelligences, each
under various condi-tions, as for example various portions of the one
landscape de-velop themselves to various persons at various distances and
from various standpoints--if we admit the fact of...individual Broth-ers for
instance endeavoring to develop the Egos of different individuals, without
subjecting entirely their wills to their own (as it is forbidden) but by
availing themselves of their physi-cal, moral, and intellectual
idiosyncrasies; if we add the countless kosmical influences which distort
and deflect all ef-forts to achieve definite purposes; if we remember,
moreover, the direct hostility of the Brethren of the Shadow always on the
watch to perplex and haze the neophyte's brain, I think we shall have no
difficulty in understanding how even a definite spiritual advance may to a
certain extent lead different individuals to apparently different
conclusions and theories." M.L. 49


"...The Host of Dhyanis, whose turn it was to incarnate as the Egos of the
immortal, but, on this plane, senseless monads--that some "obeyed" (the law
of evolution) immediately when the men of the 3rd Race became
physiologically and physical-ly ready, i.e., when they had separated into
sexes. These were those early conscious Beings who, now adding conscious
knowledge and will to their inherent Divine purity, created by Kriyasakti
the semi-Divine man, who became the seed on earth for future adepts. Those,
on the other hand, who, jealous of their intel-lectual freedom (unfettered
as it then was by the bonds of mat-ter), said:--"We can choose...we have
wisdom,"...and incarnated far later--these had their first Karmic punishment
prepared for them. They got bodies (physiologically) inferior to their
astral models, because their chhayas had belonged to progenitors of an
inferior degree in the 7 classes. As to those "Sons of Wisdom" who had
"deferred" their incarnation till the 4th Race, which was already tainted
(physiologically) with sin and impurity, they produced a terrible cause, the
Karmic result of which weighs on them to this day...the bodies they had to
inform had become de-filed through their own procrastination...This was the
"Fall of the angels," because of their rebellion against Karmic Law. The
"fall of man" was no fall, for he was irresponsible..." SD II 228


" the work of each Round is said to be apportioned to a different group
of so-called "Creators" or "Architects," so is that of every globe; i.e.,
it is under the supervision and guidance of special "Builders" and
"Watchers"--the various Dhyan-Chohans...It becomes the task of the 5th
Hierarchy--the mysteri-ous beings that preside over the constellation
Capricornus, Makara, or "Crocodile" in India as in Egypt--to inform the
empty and ethereal animal form and make of it a Rational Man...Many are
those among the Spiritual Entities, who have incarnated bodily in man, since
the beginning of his appearance, and who, for all that, still exist as
independently as they did before, in the infinitudes of Space...the
invisible Entity may be bodily present on earth without abandoning, however,
its status and functions in the supersensuous regions..." SD I 233

"...this philosophy of cycles...was allegorized by the Egyp-tian Hierophants
in the "circle of necessity," explains at the same time the allegory of the
"Fall of man." ...each of the 7 chambers of the Pyramids...was known by the
name of a planet. The peculiar architecture of the Pyramids shows in itself
the drift of the metaphysical thought of their builders. The apex is lost
in the clear blue sky...and typifies the primordial (297) point lost in the
unseen universe from which started the first race of the spiritual
prototypes of man...Divine spirit being considered a unity, however numerous
the rays of the great spir-itual sun, man has still had his origins like all
other forms, whether organic or otherwise, in this one Fount of Eternal
Light..." ISIS I 296 - 297


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