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Nov 01, 2004 05:54 PM
by Compiler


I say "revised" because I presented
an earlier version in some of these
forums back in July & August of 2001.

In this article, which is aimed at all
dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled
Theosophists worldwide, I'm sincerely
trying to present a "starting-idea"
plan of action to hopefully help
"Unite" us in a common action to
become very well known and respected
in representing to the world the body
of knowledge known as Theosophy.
Within this action maybe, just maybe,
have a chance to come together, and
write together, if ALL articles are
ALWAYS freshly written, and point to
NO ONE, and to the words of NO ONE;
and when they do point to someone,
that it is only HPB and the ADEPTS--
since these are the people we surely
all have something in common with,
and can rally around.

I must admit, and I want it to be
very clear, that I'm just a Theosophical
"generalist", and am not much on details
the way many Theosophists are. I'm just
a not-so-skilled or scholarly Theosophist
who happens to, overall, in general,
recognize what Theosophy truly is, have
a large vision for our Movement, which
I'm weak in skillfully presenting, as
this letter clearly shows. But I have
written it in the hopes of inspiring
other wise and skilled Theosophists to
maybe come together and do something
like I have long envisioned for our
somewhat broken and somewhat unfriendly
Theosophical groups -- especially all
of the Theosophists from the different
organizations (as well as those from
none) who now publish, and all those
who write for, the many different
publications, both printed and on-line.

In trying to set the stage a little,
here are some of my thoughts about this:

First let me say that it has been and
is my mission, as my introductions on
the web site clearly
show, to try and "Unite" Theosophists
from all of the organizations to work
(and write) together in reaching out
to humanity, irregardless of what went
on in the past.

I am mostly concerned with present-day
humanity, besides having access to the
original literature, always having
access to, whether it happens now or
in the near or far away future, a
"Team" of present-day "United"
Theosophists who can very wisely,
knowledgeably, and skillfully interact
with humanity on every important
subject under the sun.

A great deal of what I have always
aspired this "United Team" project to
eventually be, how it might interact
with humanity, etc., etc., is found in
the right-hand column of the "Main Page"
of my web site, and continues on another
page via a link at the bottom of what
is said there. After you finish reading
this letter, please carefully read those
"Introductions" to the
site in order to see how I speak to
humanity about this; the links to them
are found at the end of this letter.
There are many paragraphs on both pages
that speak in some way to humanity about
this proposed "United Team". Even though
my writing in the Introductions is done
in a very amateurish way, I am sure it
is at least clear enough to paint a good
enough starting picture for everyone to
think about.

I feel if this kind of coming together
is not done by wise and knowledgeable
Theosophists, from all organizations,
and from none, in close association, of
course, with the "ORIGINAL" Theosophical
literature, and our Movement stays
fractured, and endlessly arguing and
fighting over what went on way back when
(even though all this history has its
place), we are unwisely doing the wrong
thing, overall, in general, to the
worldwide fraternity of Adepts, to
their direct agent, HPB, and to humanity
as a whole.

I humbly suggest that our worldwide
Theosophical Movement should try and
pull together a "United Team", one that
presents endless writings dealing with
all that affects humanity today, and on
into the future, in a new publication,
whatever it may be named, and even if
just on the web, for starters. And that
every web site within the Theosophical
arena should put a link to this same one
site, on their own sites. Even though
each group continues doing whatever
it does, in whatever publications, and
in whatever ways, the same as now, if
each also had a link to this "United"
publication, we may, as a Movement,
begin to do better among ourselves and
in catching the attention of humanity,
and hopefully, the attention of the
Adepts themselves, to a point, after
a while, where they might even begin to
be impressed enough with our "United"
action to send in articles and series
of articles, because we are finally
working together, in the way they
probably hope we would and should.

Should this new publication be like
any existing Theosophical publications,
either those in print or on-line? To
this I have to say, NO, I don't think
so, as will be explained further on.

I look forward to the day when something
like this for our Movement comes together
in a definite way, and I am able to then
change what I say on those two introductory
pages of my web site, so that it then fits
whatever is created by a "United Team" of
wise and skilled Theosophists -- and is
written in a much better way (or everything
pertaining to the "Team" is even deleted,
if that is then best) -- hopefully with
the help and/or suggestions of the "Team",
so that I don't embarrass it with my
amateur writing in my Introductions on
the web site.

I'm offering a few starting-ideas here
based on everything that I have posted
above and in the Introduction on the
"Main Page" of my web site, which, as
said, continues in the "Introductory
Brochure" page of the site, concerning
this proposed "United Team" action.
Those Introductions will make clearer
these suggestions and proposals--
especially because so much is said
in them (to humanity) concerning the
"United Team" proposal. I have woven
the subject throughout the Introductions
and Final Comments on the web site.

So with the stage now set a little
for everyone who reads this:

I suggest that endless topics should be
written about, topics dealing with subjects
like social problems of every kind,
education, health, science, religion,
philosophy, history, etc. and so on;
topics that will be constantly presented
in series of articles as well as stand-alone
articles; even in different categories of
groupings of articles; and steadily, so as
to always be current and up to date with
evolving events -- being always contemporary.
I suggest, simply as reference material,
reviewing the style of some of the series
of articles presented on the
site as examples and samples, for starters.
The bottom line is that it should be an
endless ongoing project, dealing with the
day to day, week to week, year to year
experiences of humanity; meaning, for
example, that some series (or groupings)
of articles, on many subjects, should never
actually have an ending point, as they
steadily comment, in the Light of Theosophy,
on scientific directions taken and progress
in every field, as well as on humanity's
many social problems.

I also suggest that we strongly consider
having a skilled and professional Media
and Press section for our "Movement's"
"United Team" action, so that it can
regularly communicate with the print and
online publications in the world, in a
way that is accepted as routine, like,
for example, an AP (Associated Press),
a Reuters, etc., and little by little aim
to also secure, because becoming respected
and in-demand, in every important field,
including the NEWS arena, invitations
to have either daily, weekly, monthly,
quarterly, or once in a while column
space in many publications, both print
and electronic.

I suggest, for consideration, that all
articles are always contemporary, fresh,
and originally written by our Movement's
proposed new group, and ONLY referring to,
when it does actually refer to past teachers
and writers, HPB and the Adepts. Why? So
as not to naturally open the lower-nature
door of any one associated with the new
"United Team", or any organization that
our "United Team" members belong to; so
that no one feels in any way slighted or
disturbed or angry or jealous, etc. This
would be a wise strategic move and method
on our part, so that we CAN MORE EASILY
create an atmosphere where we can work
together and leave all past problems
behind. We would also strategically leave
behind, in this new publication at least,
any problems for our Movement that past
workers and leaders may have made; by this
I mean with any distortions of the Teaching,
as well as with personality problems, back
stabbing, jockeying for power and position,
and so on.

Each writer can post and show our new
"United" group each and every proposed
article on a unique web site that makes
it easy as pie for everyone to privately
collaborate, without using e-mail. Any
article, or any number of articles, can
be constantly worked on, as they are always
posted and showing; and each paragraph in
each article has a tiny link to press on
so that any of the members of the "Team"
can suggest a rewrite, add an idea, do
some editing, and so on, until the entire
group agrees that the article is ready to
be presented, and is strictly in line with
true and undistorted Theosophy. Besides
writing projects, this site can also be
used for all other kinds of private
collaborative work and discussions; it's
well worth checking out and knowing about:

Whether or not all articles presented
to humanity by this "United Team" should
be either signed by a particular writer
or writers, unsigned, or simply delivered
and presented when finished as a
collaborative effort by all of the
writers/editors (the "United Team") is
something that the working group that
may, hopefully, come together needs to
carefully think about.

I suggest that there should never be a
deadline for the presentation of any
article or series of articles that will
be added to this new on-line publication,
or any size, or page number, or
length-of-articles limitations. No
such pressures of any kind: just calmly
and coolly working together to get each
article up to speed, so to say, that all
agree is absolutely in line with the
Teachings -- putting each new article
up, in whatever section, or series, or
grouping on the new web site that it
belongs in (the web site would actually
be the publication, as far as I see it,
for starters); and then the skilled
"Media & Press" team announcing it to
the world's media, or selected portions
of it, according to the particular
subject covered.

If a working "Team" begins to come
together and decides to have a new and
separate neutral web site (within and
representing our entire worldwide
Theosophical Movement), which I
personally think is the best way to
go, for the reasons given earlier,
I volunteer to pay the initial fee,
and then each yearly fee for the new
web site name that is decided upon, as
well as the initial start-up fees and
then the ongoing monthly fee for the
Host provider where the site will be
technically located. But I strategically
bow out of having anything to do with
creating the new web site and the new
magazine and action, or whatever else is
put together by a wise group, based on
these raw starting ideas, other than
always being a part of it by offering
comments and suggestions, whenever they
happen to occur to me. Why? Because I
definitely am NOT, in any way, shape,
or form, based on long-lived first-hand
experience, a capable organizer, writer,
or web-site-operating person, and also
because I want to spend the rest of my
life working on trying to organize and
build the worldwide "Public & Private
Enterprise Development Forum, which is
based on my economic proposal to humanity
that is on this web site:

Based on our sorry history over the
last 129 years, as a very fragmented
Theosophical Movement, I suggest that
if we are to overcome this, and all that
it has done to present Theosophy in a
poor light before the world, even making
it a laughingstock to some degree, that
the wisest and most knowledgeable
Theosophists from all organizations,
and from none, should very skillfully
find a way to come together to present
to humanity, on an ongoing basis, the
highest and profoundest caliber of
Theosophy that is possible -- and always
pointing out any and all Theosophy that
is to some degree distorted and/or not
valid, whenever necessary and possible.

Some very important things for everyone
to consider, while pondering over this
rough proposal in the days, weeks, months,
and years to come: If humanity would
open-mindedly come-a-calling, so to say,
at the highest levels of science, religion,
philosophy, and education, as well as the
media in general, worldwide, inviting our
Theosophical participation in endless ways
on endless subjects, is the condition of
our Theosophical Movement, from the point
of view of, "If the Student is Ready
(humanity as a whole) the Teacher will
Appear", presently ready to put our best
foot forward in a "UNITED" way, and
actually win the day in the eyes of a
watching world? Would each of us, who
come from different organizations, with
their various publications, web sites,
on-line forums, activities and projects,
etc., etc., be satisfied if any particular
one, and not our own, spoke for Theosophy
and the Theosophical Movement? I could
be dead wrong, but I suspect not, on both
questions. But if we together, for starters,
create a "neutral" web site, from the point
of view of everyone in our Movement, which
IS, or contains, a publication that is
made up of wise and skilled and dedicated
theosophists, who are members, associates,
and writers from all of them, as well as
all those wise and skillful writers who are
members of none, which might eventually,
if we do this right, also include some
Adepts, then the climate would be completely
different for each of us individually, as
well as for our Movement as a whole. We
would be operating in a very friendly
"United Team" atmosphere where we are
able to put out the wisest, profoundest,
truest, and best Theosophy at all times--
and in a collaborative way, to make sure
of this, while drawing ourselves, little
by little, ever closer together into a
Theosophical "nucleus" of brotherhood
founded, even if only for starters, on
a skillful and effective MOVEMENT-wide
working relationship.

OK, this should now be enough starting-
ideas and information for everyone to have
absorbed, so as to coordinate with what
has been presented on my
web site for a long time now (in the three
links that are found below), concerning the
"United Action" proposal in the "Introductions".

Hopefully I have offered enough starting-
ideas so that a dialogue between many
individuals and groups of theosophists who
see this letter can now begin and maybe,
hopefully, a large and steady "United Team
Action" will begin to build and grow for
our eternal Theosophical Movement.

Even though I won't be taking part in
any discussions that may develop because
of what I have proposed here, leaving
that solely for others to deal with,
I still remain:

Fraternally yours in Universal Brotherhood,

John DeSantis

This is the link to the "Main Page" of
my web site, and the Introduction:

This is the link to the continuation
of the above "Main Page". It's
entitled the "Introductory Brochure":

This is the link to my "Final Comments"
that follow the 166 compiled articles
in the Introductory, "Volume 1--> Setting
the Stage" book:

Dear newcomers to Theosophy:

I sincerely do hope that my web site offers
a well-rounded overall view of Theosophy and
the Theosophical Movement. The 3 main links
to everything on it are found below.

Please know that I'm only the compiler of
all the articles found on my web site; I'm
not a scholar; and also that I personally
do not like to take part in conversations,
even though I do hope that what I present
from time to time will help a little in
the discussions being carried on by others.
So please do not be insulted when I do not
respond if someone addresses me, or addresses
anything that is found in any of the articles
on my web site; I leave that for others to
deal with if they want to -- whether pro, con,
neutral, friendly or unfriendly.

John DeSantis

You may find a great deal of the Truth that you
are searching for here: web site (Main Page):

This is the Index page of the "Introductory",
"Setting the Stage" book, which was especially
compiled for newcomers to Theosophy:

The page where "Additional" articles are slowly
being added (which contains 18 sections that
can each be clicked on at the top of the page
in order to go directly down to them, as well
as to get the link to any particular section
that you may want to use in a posting on a
discussion board, or in an e-mail to someone):

This next link is to the most updated version of my
economic proposal to humanity, a practical project
to help our suffering world that I also consider
to be Theosophical. In it you will find a new and
unique, but mostly unknown, economic system
model that might be able to put an end to involuntary
poverty on earth. How? It presents a way to fully
finance everything of importance that is needed
in every nation. Because of this it's well worth
pointing to. Please note that, for strategic
reasons, of wanting it to have the best chance
of being accepted by all peoples worldwide,
no matter what their religious, philosophical,
and scientific beliefs are, I've put it on a
completely different web site; it contains
no mention of, or link to, the Theosophy and
the Theosophical Movement that is presented
on my web site:


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