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Re: Theos-World Questions on Theosophy and related issues

Nov 01, 2004 01:09 PM
by leonmaurer

The following "message" was received through the intuitive channel.

"... And, when you do what is recommended below -- be absolutely sure to have 
first read all the basic books and articles by HPB [as the one and only 
'messenger' of the 'Masters' she spoke for] that introduced theosophy to the modern 
world and first revealed its 'secrets'... Especially, the *Key to 
Theosophy,* *The Secret Doctrine,* and the *Voice of the silence*... So, you can 
intelligently as well as intuitively compare the differences between these original 
teachings (and their reference to all the ancient teachers of occultism as far 
back as Thoth-Hermes) with the books by later, self credentialed interpreters 
and phony channelers and 'revelators' ... So as, to decide for yourself who is 
relaying the Ancient Wisdom in its original clarity and truth, and who is 
distorting it beyond measure in order to favor their particular religious beliefs 
so as to turn theosophy into another 'personalized' religion, rather than an 
impersonal synthesis of 'Science, Religion and Philosophy' -- that everyone 
can use for attaining their own enlightenment or 'self realization' with a 
thorough knowledge of the 'psychic powers latent in man,' along with an 
understanding of the necessity of becoming a "nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of All 
Humanity. The reading only of books written by one teacher, can only lead to 
a further splitting up of the theosophical movement -- which must be based on 
independent "individual self devised and self determined study and effort" -- 
into even further divisive 'organized' cults and sects that can only promote 
further religious wars among persons of good heart." 
.^. HLM

In a message dated 10/31/04 2:55:42 PM, writes:

>All Members,
>I received number of questions related to Theosopy and the TS. It is 
>normal and good to have questions because Theosophist and future disciple
>must be intelligent and knowledgeable. He must have wide and deep knowledge
>of laws of Nature. 
>Theosophy is a vast subject and to understand it one will require extensive
>reading of RIGHT books. I find that members read many books but they don't
>read RIGHT books. So I have uploaded most important books at
> As you read those you will get answers to your questions. Mr. Leadbeater
>and Mrs. Besant have written in detail on very large number of topics
>which gives answers to most of the questions which members have. If you
>refuse to read those books because somebody impressed on your mind that
>they were bad, then it is not possible for me to help you in getting answers
>to your questions. 
>I hope you read without prejudice their books. That is the only best advice
>I can give.
>Best wishes.
>Anand Gholap

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