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Re: The Masters Revealed

Nov 01, 2004 08:47 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Dear Paul,

Unfortunatly I had no opportunity to read your book. So I am not in 
position to make any comments about it. Well I am a member of a 
Rosicrucian group, a message mentioning your book was posted...


Fratres and Sorores,

Originally, being a student of Theosophy, I'd come to
the conclusion that the whole "Great White
Brotherhood" myth, run into the ground by the
neo-theosophists and subsequent new age writers,
wasn't a sound concept. I'd found a lot of value in
reading K. Paul Johnson's book "The Masters Revealed"
and his "Initiates of the Theosophical Masters."
Even Trevor Ravenscroft in "The Spear of Destiny"
mentioned, in chapter 20 "Agarthi and Schamballah -
the Twin Resonators of Evil" that "The sudden and
final eclipse of these demonic mystery centers took
place when Communist China annexed Tibet in 1959 and
the soldiers of Mao massacred all the contemporary
adepts." pp 255. 

So, I'd joined AMORC to try rosicrucianism and, OOPS!,
this neo-rosicrucianism had a big portrait of Koothumi
in "The Rosicrucian Manual." H.S. Lewis championed
the GWB myth, also. Not to mention, how irritated I
am to read these GWB-related excerpts from "The
Mystical Life of Jesus", by HSL. 

I've attained the 10th Degree, at any rate, and also
found a little more satisfaction in the TMO, up into
the Superior Degree, but this retention of a
connection to the GWB still bothers me.

Yours in L.L.L.,


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