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To Krishtar: Concerning Anand Gholap's extract about HPB's writings

Nov 01, 2004 07:54 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

To Krishtar: Concerning Anand Gholap's extract 
about HPB's writings


You wrote to me:

Where did you take that Ananda Gholapīs extract?
I can seldon stop for a writing but that message 
on that subject about HPBīs mistakes really drove 
me mad. I feel an unexplicable strong sorrow when 
I find someone who acts like an enemy agaisnt 
HPBīs works. Are you sure that it was Anand G. 
who posted it? If positive, the quote you put in 
the post can only reach Anandaīs heart if heīd 
be a believer of the importance of the Masters.

Krishtar, I went back thru the Theos-Talk archives and then
also looked in my morass of emails. It looks like 
Anand actually just sent the email to me. I guess
at the time I assumed he had also posted it to several 
groups. I didn't know it was only for my eyes.
Anyway, BELOW is his complete email so you will not 
think I made it up or that I somehow distorted his message.

Sorry for the confusion.



From: "Anand Gholap" <>
To: "Daniel H. Caldwell" <> 
Subject: Assessment of H.P. Blavatsky's writing 
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 02:51:14 +0530 

As you have asked opinion about Blavatsky's writings at theos-talk, I 
am giving here my assessment. 
H.P. Blavatsky made many mistakes. These mistakes were made not just 
in writing on ordinary matters but also in most important philosophic 
writings. Result is people are never able to reconcile things. 
Mistakes and contradictions in her own writing and when compared to 
other reliable writings on occultism has kept people speculating for 
more than 110 years in false hope.
Unfortunately many members took her every word as right and they 
discarded writings of others.
There are many reasons why she made so many mistakes. Some are given 
1) She was extremely sick when most of her writing was done, almost 
dying when Secrete Doctrine was written. Because of ill health many 
mistakes were made in writing. Main problem started there because  
readers of her writing are never able to reconcile wrong statements 
in her writings. Readers are still speculating about meaning of those 
wrong words and statements.
2)She was a Russian and did not get opportunity to master English 
language. Wrong wording, low capacity to accurately express thoughts 
in words caused confusion among readers. Person who writes on 
difficult subject of Theosophy must have complete mastery over 
language which she did not have. 
3) Masters did not expect accuracy and details from her in the 
beginning of the Theosophical Society. They expected that she would 
prepare a background for giving truths by occultists who would come 
later. Only a general outline of future Theosophy was expected from 
her. Other objective was she would somehow face initial resistance 
from people which generally happens while starting new movement. Her 
writing did serve the purpose in 19th century but now as accurate 
details about Nature are given by occultists who came later, sticking 
to HPB's vague and inaccurate writing will be great hindrance in 
understanding Theosophy.
Because of the factors mentioned above her writing has many mistakes 
to the extent that it is not possible to recommend for reading even a 
single book by her. 
Anand Gholap

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