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Re: Theos-World Telepathy and Mental Burglary

Sep 30, 2004 02:39 PM
by samblo

Thanks. Reading the post and the others by Dallas, in the last two days I 
had been made aware of the death of a man I liked and respected for his 
personal work and commitment, Dr. John Mack who was struck down and killed by a 
drunken driver in London Sept. 27. In reading the Memorial posted on his PEER 
website mention was made that he practiced "Breath Work" as originated by 
Stanislav Grof, a researcher like Mack. I, as others read much of Theosophy posted 
here that is historical and of value to most on this Forum. But the question is 
often raised about are there "continuations" of the spirit of inquiry that so 
marked the original context of Theosophy. Many a time I viewed photographs of 
the assembled people in India seeing the many colored fabric of the individuals 
seated together mutually participating though their practice and tenets were 
much varied they yet found common ground in the spirit of discovery together. 
These Photo's contributed much to my impulse to know more about Theosophy as 
they represented the convergence of pointed interest and created the fabric of 
rapport among them. Getting back to Dr. John Mack I followed up on the mention 
of Stanislav Grof, as I was not previously aware of him or his inquiries. To 
me from my POV "seekers" take a multitude of form and context and the process 
is never ending. I do think there has been a degree of change in Science that 
can be empirically identified even though it might not at this time have 
become transformational to the larger groups of Science the work of many 
researchers who walk on glass every day and tempt the ire of their Peers as Dr. John 
Mack did (he survived that) can be seen in publications and the Internet. Isn't 
integration of the now with the past a beneficent means? Back many decades ago 
articles written by many who proposed new concepts, idea's views, 
correlation's or proofs seemed to be the norm and were published in the various 
Theosophical Journals and Publications. Today in our times, they, to many people seem 
somewhat archaic in terms of present knowledge and discovery. Certainly there 
should be found room for free communication, interchange and bringing up to date 
by integration of new with the past to possibly present a more comprehensive 
knowledge of the same topics which have always stimulated, motivated and 
inspired so many to become Theosophists, formal and informal. When I looked for 
Stasnislav Grof he was easy to find on Google. The second item listed was a paper 
he published on "IONS" the Institute of Noetic Science founded by former 
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. In his paper he seemed to cover in his survey much that 
Dallas and you today have posted recently, and I might add there are many 
others that have also become much more open to the very things 
Theosophy primarily is interested in.

IONS Archives: Stanislav Grof - Alternative cosmologies

Mention was made on this Forum not too long ago that there is dearth of 
absence of younger people and that like nations Theosophy is graying so to 
speak. One possible means might be to see where today's World's Discoveries and 
Theosophy's Ageless Wisdom can converge, particularly in regard to Consciousness, 
Being, Expansion of awareness, new evidences that validate perennial 
knowledge. Grof is just one of thousands who today, in the world of our Now have made 
movement internally that is worthy of our recognition and support as they 
complement and augment in ways that can create that same spirit of invigorated, 
stimulated, energetic energy that was so motivating to the procession of 
individuals of the Theosophical Society from it's inauguration, in the generation of 
today and it's youth. Perhaps the inclination to reach for "Astrally" oriented 
engagement is that the abstractions which many of us find natural are viewed 
as unincidental to them, but today's findings are capable of reinvigorating 
with new perspectives and findings in such a way that they are more easily 
received and even now taught in Colleges and Universities to the same youth which 
Theosophy has need of.


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