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Re: Dugpas are positive thoughts

Sep 29, 2004 10:16 PM
by Koshek Swaminathan

> > I think that you both have proved without a doubt that Sophistry 
> > rules political thinking. 
> I would suggest that such personal disparagement of listmembers is 
> aggressive, and does nothing to forward healthy discussion here. 
> I'll post on aggression vs. assertion later.
> Cheers,
> Paul

Well Paul, I'm at a loss as to how my statement was a personal 
disparagment of you, but if you felt that way, I apologise. 

Anyway, I'm just as much a victom of Sophistry as you are so don't 
feel so hurt by what I said.

What it comes down to is not whether other people like the republican 
party or the evangelists are doing, but what YOU are doing. Do you 
(and I) stand for principle. Do you (and I ) stand for what's right. 

Is everything is permissable with regards to politics? Why? What does 
this do to our thinking processes and our ability to percieve truth?

The more one spins the truth, the more one get's spinned on an 
unconcious level. Our perceptions get layer and layer of spin and we 
lose all objectivity. You can no longer look at the world with an 
open mind but have a head full of preconceptions that filter and spin 
the information as it comes in. 

This is why politics is a detrimental activity for those who want to 
know thyselves. How can one be honest with oneself about one he knows 
and does not know when he is busy building up a drama in his head? 
The average person has a lot of Sophistry going on inside that he is 
not even aware of it. 

So let's see if we can just watch the debates in an impartial way and 
may the best man win.


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