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Dugpas and positive thoughts

Sep 29, 2004 06:30 AM
by kpauljohnson

--- In, "Koshek Swaminathan" 
<arasophia@y...> wrote:
Though I sympathize with your thoughts, it seems neither of you 
> believe in free and open debates.
I can only speak for myself, saying that I believe in them in the 
ideal but what will occur Thursday won't even be a proper debate, 
let alone free and open-- a large number of restrictive demands have 
been created by the administration, rejected by the debate 
commission, but agreed to by the Kerry campaign as the cost of 
having any "debate" at all.

> Let the cards fall where they may. Otherwise we are no better than 
> dugpas.
The Nyingmapa and Kargyutpa sects of Tibetan Buddhism are not the 
evil monsters portrayed by HPB's ill-informed comments on them, and 
I wouldn't use them as an example of religion turned to evil ends. 
As a Virginian I can look up the road to Jerry Falwell or down the 
road to Pat Robertson and see far more evil power in the hands 
of "black magicians." And their fervent disciples will be sending 
all their prayers Bush's way.

> I think that you both have proved without a doubt that Sophistry 
> rules political thinking. 

I would suggest that such personal disparagement of listmembers is 
aggressive, and does nothing to forward healthy discussion here. 
I'll post on aggression vs. assertion later.



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