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Re: Theos-World Hitler and the occult: some remarks on the Thule Society

Sep 28, 2004 03:24 AM
by leonmaurer


Thanks for all that clarifying information. 

When I was in Europe during WW2 as a Signal Corps specialist, I had Military 
Intelligence clearance (at the Top Secret level) and could go anywhere and 
photograph anything (under my cover assignment as "Historical Photographer")... 
And, since my primary job required me to maintain telephone line security 
(detecting direct or induction line taps, magnetic interference, etc.) -- I was 
also required to listen in to strategic conferences between Washington, 
Eisenhower's Headquarters, and the 4 star command generals in the field... 

Incidentally, that's another story that might shakeup the world if what was 
said and who said it were revealed, and people might see how secret 
"military-industrial-governmental complex" planning's (even including shadow governments 
of soon to be defeated enemies) make karma that effect everyone with, 
possibly, more evil results than good for years and years to come. Too bad there were 
no tiny digital recorders around in those days.:-) But, what the hell, 
better there wasn't, since I was (and still am) only an impartial observer with an 
oath of secrecy (on one level or another) -- and nowhere near as wise then as 
I am today about the ways of the inner world, as well as the mundane world -- 
that has to be let alone to run its course (and even prodded a bit from the 
inner sidelines ;-) -- if the old ways are to collapse under their own weight to 
make way for the new. Better to help those who are innocently caught up and 
hurt by it than to raise an army and try to stop it -- as the Buddha might 
say. :-). But, in my younger days, I'll have to admit, I didn't think like that 
-- and just followed my inner guide in whatever circumstance I found myself in, 
staying alert and doing my best in any job or problem I was faced with -- 
without much concern for the future. (I suppose, unconsciously, I was following 
Krishna's advice to "Let the motive for action be in the action itself, and not 
in its results." 

... However, during that time in Northern France and Germany -- since I was 
NOT considered an official MI "Secret Agent" -- I had no requirement to report 
anything I saw, heard or photographed.

Therefore, the only direct evidence of Nazi occult practices I have are my 
personal experience (when I, along with officially assigned MI operatives 
rummaged through their abandoned SS headquarters after they had to run off and left 
much incriminating evidence behind). This, plus conversations with other 
military personnel on my clearance level, and certain photographs that I had 
gathered of their concentration camps, SS and Gestapo headquarters, torture 
facilities, ritual paraphernalia, etc., gave me a fairly good picture of the occult 
background of the Nazi hierarchy. 

Also, since my father was a 33rd degree Free Mason, as well as an alchemist 
and collector of occult literature -- I had early familiarity with much 
mystical symbology as well as their interpretations... So, it was immediately evident 
to me when I entered the ritual chambers in local SS headquarters, that their 
entire organization and initiatory practices were along occult lines. Some 
of the paraphernalia and arrangements were very similar to those in the 
initiation chambers of Masons and other secret occult organizations (photos and 
illustrations of which I had seen in my father's library, and once, when I was a 
boy, taking a tour through the secret chambers of the Grand Masonic Lodge in New 
York). Also, the libraries and bookshelves in each SS headquarters I entered 
(ostensibly to check their communication systems) were packed with occult 
literature that I recognized from their cover designs and illustrations -- but 
had little interest in -- since I only could speak and read a smattering of 
German... Although, I had a head full of such stuff that I gained (without much 
understanding, I'll admit) as a curious 12 year old kid, when I thumbed through 
every book in my father's vast occult and classic book library, and skim read 
all 24 books of his Encyclopedia Brittanica. :-) Fortunately, born with 
prodidious artistic talents, I have a photographic memory for graphic images (but, 
as a balancing payment, I suppose) almost no ability to remember words or 
numbers -- although, the visual concepts they bring forth, are never forgotten. 

After the US Army crossed into Germany, I also gained access to a university 
photo lab in Darmstadt and freely processed and printed photos taken by front 
line infantrymen, tankers, and some combat photographers when they liberated 
the concentration camps, as well as processed and printed the films they sent 
me from Russian soldiers they met where our lines merged around the perimeter 
of Berlin. While in that lab, I made copies of interesting photo's of Nazi 
atrocities whenever I came across them...(Most of which are now lost or scattered 
around in the attics of relatives and friends whom I distributed them to 
after the war... As, that material was actually smuggled out of Germany in direct 
violation of military orders at the time -- since all such photos were 
required to be turned over to the authorities. (I assume, for the most part, to 
prevent premature release to the press of material to be used later for 
prosecuting war criminals -- although, I suspect there may have been other reasons to 
suppress public knowledge of the full extent of German atrocities against the 
Jews and other concentration camp victims.) 

However, I had come across so many unbelievably gory and disgusting 
concentration camp pictures which I felt the American Public should see, that I 
decided, against my orders, to enlarge the negatives (which I later sent back to the 
photographers) as 8x10 prints, hold onto them, and bring them back with me 
when I shipped out of Europe for the States after the Japanese defeat. (A sailor 
friend of mine on the ship returning home, helped me smuggled them through 
the debarkation contraband check when I arrived in Newport News, VA around 
November of 1945.) 

Soon after, most of those photographs of the mass burials and cremation 
ovens, gas chambers, torture equipment at various concentration camps throughout 
Germany and some of its occupied countries, were given to The Federation of 
Jewish Charities to help raise private money for guns and ships in order to enable 
the vast number of displaced concentration camp refugees, in the face of 
strong repressive British military interference, to leave Cyprus and enter 

When I arrived back home in Florida, these photos were printed in a small 
booklet for fund raising purposes in Miami, and later turned over to the press 
and widely distributed (uncredited) in newspapers and magazines throughout the 
US and Canada. 

The full story of the acquisition and first exposure of the Holocaust 
atrocity photos in spite of the government's attempt to suppress them, the assistance 
of certain notorious public figures, and how the photos and my connection 
with them (as well as with those influential people through my father) were used 
to supply the Israeli army (Irgun) as well as the guerrilla fighters (Stern 
Gang) with everything they needed to defeat the British, furnish the transport 
ships, and open the door to Israel for the refugees -- would make a very 
interesting movie. The underlying theosophical line could be to show how the threads 
of karma work in mysterious ways, and how a simple unplanned (although 
possibly guided from a higher level) choice by one insignificant person in a 
critical place at a critical time, and with the necessary "connections," can lead to 
unbelievably complex and unpredictable changes (for good or bad, depending on 
one's point of view) in world history. :-) 

As for the story of the several hundred dead Tibetans in Berlin, I heard 
about it while I was working my photo Lab and maintaining the signal test station 
at the Technical University of Darmstadt -- directly from Military 
intelligence officers who came to investigate the university's research records. Some of 
them had close contact with Russian intelligence that reported the Dead 
Tibetans as suicides just about the time that Hitler and his cronies supposedly 
committed suicide. Their reports even identified the Tibetans as Nyingmapas who, 
apparently, were also Dugpas. This was later confirmed by my scientist/Lama 
colleague, Dr. Perchion, also a Nyingmapa, who inquired about their 
connections with the Nazis when he went to Nepal for his initiation not long after the 
war, and discussed it with the Panchen Lama while he was his nurse just prior 
to his death. I also read something about it repeated either in a book about 
the Occult Reich, or one of the histories of the Third Reich -- I can't remember 
when or where. :-) It seems, also, that more than one OSS or MI agent in 
Europe at the time, knew of this report. 

I doubt, however, that any military records of that period are still 
available, since much of the records of WW2 at that time (including my military 
records, as well as my Signal Battalion) were destroyed in a big fire at the US Army 
Records Storage facility in St. Louis -- that I suspect was an inside arson 
job. When I tried to obtain my records for medical purposes several years ago, 
the Defense Department told me that they were no longer available, due to an 
accidental fire that burned many records of military personnel and units in 
Europe during 1944-45. (Could the ex Nazis in America -- some of whom, I have 
good reason to believe have infiltrated the CIA -- have engineered that?) 

Beyond this, everything else I know about the Occult Reich, the Nazis 
(including their infiltration into the United States and their influence in its 
shadow government after the war -- which is another story), along with the 
Holocaust they initiated as the culmination of their occult beliefs and practices -- 
comes from what I overheard through conversations with other first hand 
observers and refugees I met during and after the war, including some of my distant 
relatives (as my grandfather was an Austrian) -- as well as reading a number of 
books and historical material published during the ensuing years, that more 
or less confirmed what I had observed and surmised when I was still in my early 


In a message dated 09/25/04 6:48:40 AM, writes:

>Hello Leon and all,
>Although there are many overlaps in the area German occult societies and
>the birth of Nationalsocialism, not only as to persons belonging to one
>club and being involved in another society, and even locations (the 
>Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich is a focal point, for instance), 
>Hitler was not a member of the Thule Gesellschaft. To quote Rudolf von
>Sebottendorf in his "Bevor Hitler Kam", Dekula Verlag, 1933, Hitler and
>Hess were 'guests of the Thule Society'. Post WW2 researchers however,
>have found no real evidence to suggest that Hitler was involved 
>whatsoever in the Thule Gesellschaft (see: Detlev Rose, "Die Thule 
>Gesellschaft, legende, Mythos, Wirklichkeit", Grabert Verlag, 1994, or
>Friedrich Heller & Anton Maegerle, "Thule", Schmetterling verlag, 1998).
>As to the Thule Gesellschaft being a society of a deeply occult nature,
>that is discounted according to these studies. When there was any 
>occultism, it involved merely lectures on mundane esoteric subjects by
>certain members, which evoked remarks by other members that they were 
>'sick and tired' of these esoteric rants. As to Himmler and the SS being
>involved in "black magic rituals", there are some very good sudies on 
>what the SS was, that balance such a - although suitably romantic 
>Indiana Jones style - view. Notably Heinz Hohne, "The Order of the 
>Death's Head" Coward McCann, 1970, or Karl Huser, "Wewelsburg, Kult und
>Terrorstatte der SS", verlag Bonifatius, 1987. That is not to say that
>Himmler and Hess had their strange beliefs (read for instance Sonke 
>Lorenz, "Himmler's Hexenkartothek", Verlag fur Regionalgeschichte, 2000,
>but a more subtle picture is needed, which is a far cry from Pauwels and
>Bergiers "Matin des Magiciens", Gallimard 1960, or Trevor Ravenscroft's
>"Spear of Destiny", Neville Spearman 1974, which are two of the most 
>influential books on the subject of the Nazis and the occult, which 
>spawned a dozen followers (I have them all, here).
>Nevretheless, I am more than interested Leon, in your personal 
>experiences, and what you found and witnessed there. Remember: not all
>that has happened has been neatly catalogued in the historybooks and 
>delegated snugly into footnotes. For instance, where does this legend 
>originate that there were hundreds of dead Tibetans in Berlin? Everybody
>repeats this story, but where's the original source? And with that I 
>mean not a book, but are there intelligence reports? Newspaper clippings
>from that time period?
>>Nazi is short for National Socialist German Workers Party -- which Hitler
>>became the leader of and made it the state religion. National Socialism is 
>>form of Fascism. This form of government implies a dictatorship with the 
>>confiscating and controlling (in a sense owning) all sources of 
>>production and and distribution of all products and commodities and full
>>control of the social system. well as having the power of life and death
>>over all citizen, who were considered merely pawns of the state.
>>Hitler had no hate for the occult, since he was a member of and the stooge 
>>several occult organizations in Germany (Thule Group, etc.) who practiceda 
>>form of ritual black magic similar to the Dugpas spoken of by HPB. In 
>>the Nazi's were in cahoots with them, and there were many Tibetan Dugpas
>>brought into Germany who cooperated with them. Hitler personally was deep 
>>occult astrology and used astrologists to advise him. He also sanctioned 
his SS 
>>(SchutzStaffel) originally his personal guard, under the leadership of the 
>>known occultist Heinrich Himmler, to practice a ritual black magic in their 
>>sanctum seclorum (which I, as a telephone communication expert, 
>>uncovered first hand 
>>when I was assigned to military Intelligence in WW2, and had full access to 
>>SS, Gestapo and other communication headquarters in the many cities and
>>town we overran on our way to Germany) 
>>He hated the Jews and theosophist mainly for the reason that they knew the 
>>real source of occultism... The ancient wisdom teachings of the and which
>>underlay Buddhism as well as the Egyptian Kabbala known by and transmitted
>>to the Hebrew Kabbalists by Moses. All of which were inimical to the black
>>magical and murderous practices of the Nazis. 

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