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Re: Theos-World Re: Can theos-talk look at the world?

Sep 26, 2004 05:36 AM
by Morten N. Olesen

My views are:

It was however not quite clear, that you wanted - someone to write a message
to the people of Darfur, was it ?

This is a theosophical forum.
Since this message was written in english - I also wonder how they would
swallow it. I am not quite familiar with their native language.

Sometimes we have to say:
- Faith is what counts. No faith in God -ParaBrahman is not good.
This is also in a certain sense written in the old scripture Bhagavad Gita -
and even in the Darfur people ancient philosophies - although they have
possibly forgotten it.
This philosophy have similarites with what we today know as the Kabbalah
or the teachings of the Seven, which sometimes are eight, nine or teen.
- Again as in the previous email I say:
Do your best. Duty is God. Duty is ParaBrahman. It is your duty to be happy.
- Are you from Darfur? How do you know then ?

"It is only when it is Dark enough, that we can see the Stars."
Martin Luther King Jr.

God is real.
Was this better ?

M. Sufilight

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> > Pateince and lack of patience it is your choice.
> > Work. Do your best. God - ParaBrahman is wise, you are not - even
> if you
> > keep insisting on being it. Duty is God. Duty is ParaBrahman.
> >
> > It is your duty to be happy.
> > Though if you are in need to pretend not being happy, then that is
> also
> > important.
> > Those who walks with God - ParaBrahman are always happy.
> I was just trying to picture in my mind's eye how the Darfur women,
> who have been displaced from their homes, seen their husbands,
> fathers and sons killed, and been repeatedly raped by the Janjaweed
> militia for months, would receive your above discourse?
> Would they feel that 'Parabrahman' has abandoned them?
> Pedro
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