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Master Koot Hoomi on THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Sep 25, 2004 06:36 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

In August, 1888, Master K.H. wrote the 
following to Colonel Henry Olcott:

"[THE SECRET DOCTRINE is] . . . an epitome of occult truths that will 
make it a source of information and instruction for the earnest 
student for long years to come. . . ." 

Furthermore, Master K.H told Olcott:

"Be assured that [in THE SECRET DOCTRINE] what she [HPB] has not 
annotated from scientific and other works, we have given or suggested 
to her. Every mistake or erroneous notion, corrected and explained by 
her from the works of other theosophists was corrected by me, or 
under my instruction." 

One should compare this statement by the Master with what Madame
Blavatsky said in the SD. She writes:

"Mistakes have now to be checked by the original teachings and 
corrected. . . ."

"Among such . . . [was] the erroneous statement that two of the 
superior Globes of the terrestrial chain were two of our well-known 

'besides the Earth . . . there are only two other worlds of our chain 
which are visible. . . . Mars and Mercury. . . .' (Esoteric Buddhism; 
p. 136.) 

"This was a great mistake. . . ." 

". . . neither Mars nor Mercury belong to our chain. They are, along 
with the other planets, septenary Units in the great host of "chains" 
of our system, and all are as visible as their upper globes are 
invisible. . . ." 

"When the present work was commenced, the writer [H.P. Blavatsky 
herself] , feeling sure that the speculation about Mars and Mercury 
was a mistake, applied to the Teachers [the Mahatmas] by letter for 
explanation and an authoritative version. Both came in due time, and 
verbatim extracts from these are now given.

'. . . . both (Mars and Mercury) are septenary chains, as independent 
of the Earth's sidereal lords and superiors as you are independent of 
the 'principles' of Daumling (Tom Thumb) -- which were perhaps his 
six brothers, with or without night-caps. . . . '. . . 

'. . . Our Globe, as taught from the first, is at the bottom of the 
arc of descent, where the matter of our perceptions exhibits itself 
in its grossest form. . . . . . . Hence it only stands to reason that 
the globes which overshadow our Earth must be on different and 
superior planes. In short, as Globes, they are in CO-ADUNITION but 
not IN CONSUBSTANTIALITY WITH OUR EARTH and thus pertain to quite 
another state of consciousness. . . What I wrote [the Mahatma K.H. is 
here referring to his letters to Sinnet and Hume] was 'The minor 
Pralaya concerns only our little STRINGS OF GLOBES.' (We called 
chains 'Strings' in those days of lip- confusion.) . . . 'To such a 
string our Earth belongs.' This ought to have shown plainly that the 
other planets were also 'strings' or CHAINS. . .'

"It becomes patent why we could not perceive, even with the help of 
the best earthly telescopes, that which is outside our world of 
matter. Those alone, whom we call adepts, who know how to direct 
their mental vision and to transfer their consciousness -- physical 
and psychic both -- to other planes of being, are able to speak with 
authority on such subjects. And they tell us plainly: -- . . . 

'. . . . . . Be prudent, we say, prudent and wise, and above all take 
care what those who learn from you believe in; lest by deceiving 
themselves they deceive others . . . . .' " 


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