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Re: Theos-World On second tought, Re: Dear friend

Sep 25, 2004 02:48 PM
by samblo

Thanks for your comments. That is why I said "some writers" in regard to 
Hillel and Gamaliel. It seems a popular thing even in ancient times to 
attribute "association" and it gets buttered all over the place in the clamor.
After Blavatsky attributed her resource as the Mahatma's it seems no one 
could conceivably be successful and have credence without making claim to the 
same as a logic and practice. 
In reading the "Alpheus" webpage I noticed the use of the term "Bridge to 
Freedom" they somehow skipped over L. Ron Hubbard who also embraced the 
identical expression in his lectures, Writings, Official Policy Letters and much 
more. Of course there was Richard Wagner's Ring Opera where Odin has the titans 
build his Bridge to Valhalla, lol. the beat goes on. The American Indians also 
have "the Rainbow Bridge."


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