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Re: Theos-World John might have an interest in ...

Sep 25, 2004 02:19 PM
by samblo

Thanks for the links. Well, having been a close personal friend of Bill 
Hamilton for almost 3 decades I was appraised about Dan Burisch by Bill as his 
investigation and involvement proceeded. Bill formally retired May 31, 2004. 
Dan Burisch formally retired the morning of the next day. All of Bill's Websites 
become extinct. He resigned as president of Skywatch International and also 
his Mufon Position and handed Skywatch International over to Mr. Hickman, who 
as far as I know has not reconstituted a New Skywatch Online Website which Bill 
said he would do.
For Dan Burisch and his project there might still be "mirror" websites for 
"Eagles Disobey" which posted much of the Burisch materials.

Bill was last to my knowledge paired on the "" Radio 
show Hosted by George Noory with Linda Moulton Howe who had joined Bill Hamilton 
in the last months before his retirement in furthering the Burisch inquiry. 
You can also look at the archive of the Online forum "" 
where Burisch is discussed. Bill Hamilton was a member of the Forum. 
Dr. Steven Greer has pushed for hearings in Congress, but realistically I 
don't think there will ever be any such occurrence in the foreseeable future. 
All one has to do is read the response of Sen. Hatch, Chrmn U.S. Sen. 
Judiciary Comm. "There is no need of any investigation into Black Projects, because 
there are no Black Projects to investigate."

I consider it an anachronism that Bill decided to "Retire" so abruptly, 
his books had become popular, he was in demand as a Lecturer Nationally and 
Internationally and was at his peak. 


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