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Re: Science vs. occultist history in the ARE

Sep 21, 2004 06:52 PM
by stevestubbs

This is a naive question I am sure, but if the Cayce readings are 
demonstrably wrong why take them seriously? I am not suggesting that 
we should not, since Aristotle was wrong about a lot of things but 
worth reading nonetheless. Cayce never did strike me as being on a 
par with Aristotle or even Blavatsky.

--- In, "kpauljohnson" <kpauljohnson@y...> 
> Folks,
> The recent mention by David Blankenship of discussions of scientific
> disconfirmation of aspects of the HPB/ML teachings reminds me of 
> is going on at the ARE. As some of you may know, the Cayce readings
> echo a fair amount of the SD on Atlantis etc. The ARE has an annual
> conference on ancient Egypt and Atlantis which features mainly 
> who agree with the Cayce readings. But they also invite those who 
> not; e.g. Mark Lehner who started out a Caycean but after becoming 
> Egyptologist concluded that the readings were wrong historically. 
> Lehner was recently featured in a newspaper story about an ARE
> conference; another skeptic about Atlantis etc. who was recently a
> speaker at ARE is Stephan Schwartz, a parapsychologist and 
> on remote viewing.
> I had an exchange in 2000 on Whitherare with Schwartz about these
> matters which relates to the issues mentioned by David Blankenship. 
> I'm impressed that these issues are addressed at some length in the
> current issue of Theosophy in Australia. Here are links to some 
> by Schartz:
> anyone interested can see other related posts, including some 
> ones from true believers, on the same yahoo group. Impressed by 
> hosting Lehner and Schwartz (and by word from Mark Thurston that my
> book is required reading for a class he teaches at Atlantic
> University) I recently renewed ARE membership after a hiatus of a
> couple of years. (But only halfheartedly since their governing 
> seems to have no more interest in transparency and accountability 
> they did during the Jesus wars of 1998-2001.)
> Cheers,
> Paul

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