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Theosophists against Facism

Sep 21, 2004 06:00 AM
by Pedro Oliveira

While working at Adyar, I received from the then
General Secretary of the Italian Section, the late
Edoardo Bratina, information about the closing down of
that Section by the Facist authorities in 1938.

The authorities put pressure on the Section's GS at
that time to change or suppress the Society's First
Object to conform with Facist law or face closure. He
then proceeded to call an extraordinary general
meeting of the TS in Italy in which the only item on
the agenda was the suppression of the First Object
(Universal Brotherhood without distinction) from the
Society's Objects.

Te result? Over 200 members, representing ten Lodges
in Italy, voted against the proposal and the Italian
Section of the TS was closed down by the Facist
authority the next day!

I understand the Spanish Theosophists also resisted
bravely Franco's Facist regime, in which the TS was
not authorized to function. They held 'underground'
study meetings and sometimes were even able to
'invite' overseas visitors from other Sections of the
TS. In doing this they kept TS work alive in that

Perhaps Ana Maria Torra could share some information
about this with participants on this list.


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