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RE: Rounds and Races

Sep 21, 2004 05:56 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 21 2004

Dear Friends:

Re: Rounds and races

Perhaps this might be of help


RE: discussion on Monads and the progression of that "life-atom" from an
"essence" to a Sage.  

The Monad is immortal and it accumulates experience in all those stages.
The essence gives way to the mineral stage, then to the vegetable, to the
animal, then to the human where mind is developed to it highest extent,
finally through the
development of the intuition the same Monad becomes a Sage, a wise Master
of wisdom -- the chain is completed as I understand it.

The whole idea of the Rounds, Globes, Races and sub-Races is to give us a
sense of the vast periods of time involved.

The "ROUND" comprises 7 "Globes"

Each "Globe" provides a development of one of the "principles" for that
particular stage.

Each "Race" marks a vast period of time during which the Monadic wave goes
through experience in developing faculties and qualities that are only to
be developed when experienced through one or other of the great stages of
development which correspond to what we term the "human (and Cosmic)

And each "Race," is further divided, as a matter of time, into 7 sub-Races.

[ To use a poor analogy: each Manvantara is like a "year." Each "year "
has 7 'months" or 7 Rounds. Each "month" has 7 "weeks" or 7 Globes. Each
of the "weeks" has 7 "days," or 7 Races. Each of the "days" has 7 "hours,"
or 7 Sub-Races, and so on.... The divisions are both periods of time, and
stages of development, so that by the 7th Round and 7th Globe the whole
Wave or Host of Monads can become as the Masters now are to us.  

We rise by our own efforts either slowly or rapidly depending on how much
we are able to take to heart the idea of brotherhood, service, love, and
compassion -- which to properly exercise, needs wisdom. so we have to
become wise as a necessary requisite. ]  

When the evolutionary Manvantara opens, the "Wave of Monads" after passing
through "Globe 1," passes on to "Globe 2."  

At the same time a fresh "wave" (Wave 2) enters "Globe 1" to pursue its
evolution there while those of "Wave 1" continue on Globe 2 -- and so on
for the First Round, the 2nd and the 3rd Rounds.

HPB in SD (I - pp. 170 - 200) gives the details of this process and Judge
in the OCEAN repeats them abreviatedly in chapters 3 and 13.

In the 4th Round (ours) all those Monads which are to enter the Human, the
Mind stage do so under karma up until the middle point [ Round 4, Globe 4,
Race 4, sub-Race 4 -- which HPB calls the Lemuro-Atlanteans, unless I am
much mistaken (SD I 186, 192, 196-7) ] . 

A "door" closes for this Manvantaric condition to the ingress of further
Monads from the Moon-chain-animal stage development (SD I 187, 184fn). 
Those Monads which can no longer enter the human stage in this Manvantara,
do not lose thereby, as the SD states that in the next Manvantara, when
they come back into a similar stage, they will find that conditions have
been improved by our effort and progress made from here on in. We are now
assisting, or preparing a better setting for them. so really there is no
punishment or delay for them, only a waiting period and in ingress into a
better condition. 

I hope that this is of some assistance in clearing up this very difficult

set of new ideas to us as to our own antiquity as well as the Universal
provisions made by Karma to see that all Monads and every other being

receives compensation for any "delays" in its progress.




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If you are interested, the Theosophy-Science Group in Australia makes a
newsletter available to Theosophy members in Australia and New Zealand. And
also by an agreement with the American section to Theosophy members in
America. The group tries to reconcile Theosophy with current science. In
the past the group has concluded that the earth sciences pretty much rule
out lost and submerged continents. Lately they are trying to come to an
agreement on races and root races, which they doubt. I don't know much
about this group, but they mentioned Pedro in the latest newsletter.  

To subscribe email

David B.

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