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Re: Theos-World Re: Creating authority under sweet name of "original teaching"

Sep 20, 2004 01:57 PM
by samblo

Perry, and all,
Well, just a personal view. If Patanjali were alive today and also a 
member of this Forum, how would one imagine his view as he read the posts? I think 
he, being as he was seen to be an authority in certain areas, might be 
inclined to evaluate both the context and the source that originates the views in the 
various posts, and that he might, as an expert at spotting the activity, 
characteristics, modes of thoughts, emotions, fixated material agreements and the 
authoritative declarations that so mark and indicate what is originate of the 
"Conditioned Mind" that he might in a way a parent has suffrage for the child, 
softly guide the child to see the activity for itself as it presents in it's 
automaticity's. I think hypothetically Patanjali might have a "Rule" he valued 
such as "I will never enter into Debate, Discussion or Argument with a 
"Commited Conditioned Mind." If most of the 6,000,000,000+ people are firmly limited 
to the processes of the Conditioned Mind as their only means, then looking at 
what so distresses the many in the world in the moment to moment time is just 
simply "activity of conditioned mind" as producer and originator of the 
effects both good and bad due to it's particular logic, rationalizations, 
considerations, and agreements which it adamantly seeks to insure continuance of. 
Entire lifetimes of individuals, groups, nations, civilizations are lived and 
expended producing an endless stream of energies and expenditure of energies with 
the goal of insuring the Blind King remains on the Throne. Maybe mankind needs 
to have a better moment to moment awareness individually and collectively in 
terms of "Mindful Awareness" pointedly cultured at knowing and observing the 
primary universal obstacle we all are subject too. In my opinion progress 
toward the three objects is largely to be determined by the above and the world 
ideally would show positive change when movement happens in the conscious 
awareness in regard to Conditioned Mind. I think Krishna put all this in a slightly 
different way to Arjun.


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