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tow parallel tracks

Sep 20, 2004 11:53 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

At 11:44 AM 9/20/2004, you wrote:
Thanks Steve and Paul. You both make comments with which I am in general
agreement. Lately, I have been wondering if these theosophy lists have not
developed their own "mark of the beast" for me in the sense that the topics
and discussions more or less go round and round through the same material.
As Steve indicates, we need a teacher (although my logical mind must ask how
the first person achieved contact with the HS) and sometimes I wonder if
this internet activity isn't like reading the same book over and over in
some respects.

Still, good and informative posts like these from you two keep me ever



Perhaps the lists can also have the opposite effect. There is a larger variety of people and viewpoints on an active list that in any group near our home that we could personally attend. As long as people aren't too shy and end up lurking, we can hear from more of them and broaden our thinking.

The topics we tire of are the ones we <DELETE>, not having the time and interest to respond.

Going in circles comes from being self-centered, and goes away when more of our time is in creative endeavors and in helping others, both activities where we give of our selves.

We may have two parallel tracks on any of the theosophical mailing lists. New students want to learn about and discuss basic concepts. They don't want things too esoteric or unrelated to the issues that they face in life. Long-time students may have tired of the basics and want either deeper metaphysics or more practical endeavors. Both people and approaches are valid for certain people and could coexist.

-- Eldon

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