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Re: Theos-World Re: The mark of the beast (reply to Bill)

Sep 20, 2004 11:44 AM
by Bill Meredith

Thanks Steve and Paul. You both make comments with which I am in general agreement. Lately, I have been wondering if these theosophy lists have not developed their own "mark of the beast" for me in the sense that the topics and discussions more or less go round and round through the same material. As Steve indicates, we need a teacher (although my logical mind must ask how the first person achieved contact with the HS) and sometimes I wonder if this internet activity isn't like reading the same book over and over in some respects.

Still, good and informative posts like these from you two keep me ever hopeful.


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--- I haven't had any
interest in reading books about Theosophy in many years. ...
Reading the same kinds of books or the same exact books
over and over accomplishes nothing for me and I don't
get positive vibes from those who do so.
Well, I'll bet I know to whom you are referring.

You might consider the stuff of Max Freedom Long, especially THE
SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES, which deals with his reconstruction
of Hasa'iian shamanism. Long was a theosophist but says nothing
about it that I remember. I will summarize what I learned from
teachers. To actually proceed you need to start with a teacher.

Briefly, the Higher Self is reached through the unconscious mind,
which serves as a sort of gatekeeper. (This is the Hawa'iian
perspective.) The unconscious mind will block communication if you
harbor certain kinds of ill feelings (especially guilt) or if you
have wronged someone (which ties back to guilt.) This is the reason
religious taboos were developed in ancient times. Ancient man sought
to determine empirically how to please "the gods" (i.e., maintain the
connection with his HS.) The taboos eventually evolved into a legal
system and finally into an amorphous something called "morality"
which is much less clear and gets defined however one wants. Over a
period of millenia people have lost touch with the original purpose
of morality and many have decided to dump it altogether in favor
of "situation ethics," which is a sort of "if you can get away with
it, why not?" sort of thing.

So if you feel guilty about the past part of the matter of
establishing the HS connection is to clear the guilt. That could
mean making amends with people who have a grievance against you (an
idea incorporated into Five Step programs) or simple self
forgivenessm, or certain other complex techniques for clearing
guilt. This is called "kala" in the Hawa'iian language. Effective
kala is essential if the connection is to be established. The issue
is not whether you ARE guilty of anything, but whether you FEEL

It is also necessary to clear other negative emotions such as anger,
fear, and sadness which may also block the connection. Most
practitioners accompany this with "Ha" breathing to increase psychic
energy, which is presentd to the HS as an "offering." Then one
invokes or summons the HS, which can be accompanied by a chant,
There is no sense putting the chant on the Internet since you have to
be personally instructed how to do it. When the HS descends you will
experience what is called "the rain of blessing", which is a
sensation as if fine droplets of moisture were descending on you,
producing an intense feeling of well being. You can then thank it
for its blessings, ask it for practical assistance, or ask for
information. Some people see symbols. Others get actual information
from the "still small voice." Some see apparent miracles happen,
which is to some extent increased awareness since there are miracles
happening to us all the time. Apparently different people have very
different degrees of success with this. Obviously I learned this
from teachers, but some of it is in Long's books.

So far as I know, reading the same theosophy books endlessly and
attacking historians who question the existence of the masters will
accomplish nothing toward this end, although one must learn how to
proceed from a book or (better) a teacher. The problem with
theosophy is that it discourages anything remotely practical and
urges students to just read magazines.

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