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Theos-World Re: Creating authority under sweet name of 'original teaching'

Sep 19, 2004 06:36 AM
by Anand Gholap

Hello Everybody,
Perry's question was:
"Is CWL more "accurate" than the Mahatma's on their own teachings!?!
Can you please explain to me how this is possible?"
My answer is:
To understand this we need to know how Occult Hierarchy teaches 
humanity. As you know all religions were founded by members of White 
Brotherhood. But Hierarchy teaches only as much as can be safely 
digested by mankind or large section of mankind for which certain 
religion or teaching was meant. World Teacher considers moral, 
intellectual and spiritual development of large section of humanity 
and after that He decides how much knowledge of secrete science to be 
given to mankind at that stage of development. In earlier stages due 
to low development very little of secrete science was revealed and 
that was also veiled so that only few qualified people would make use 
of it. As humanity evolves continuously morally, intellectually and 
spiritually, the knowledge of secrete science given is also more and 
more. Naturally teachers from Occult Hierarchy who come later give 
more knowledge in less veiled language. 
Humanity remained in darkness for centuries as most teaching was 
always veiled. So when Masters decided to unveil it they prudently 
made it a gradual process observing how humanity reacts to it. So 
neither Masters nor HPB had intention to give details of secrete 
science in the beginning of TS. So you find Isis and SD though reveal 
some secretes they still use very difficult and confusing language. 
After initial years were over Masters found that now real secretes 
can be safely revealed in plain language. So we find that writings 
occultists who came later like Mr.Leadbeater and Mrs. Annie Besant 
is much clearer, full of details, and comprehensive. Other occultists 
like Jinarajadasa, Hodson, Taimni, Clara Codd, N. Sri Ram also could 
give secretes in plain language. 
I won't say Mahatmas were less accurate and knowledgeable than CWL. 
Although they knew more they did not think appropriate to make things 
plain initially. As years pass, people digest what is given and don't 
make dogma of teaching, remain receptive to new knowledge, Masters 
will give more secrete knowledge through other disciples in more 
clear language, in detail and also on more topics. However if people 
stick to initial writing, as if 4th standard student is refusing to 
go to 5th standard thinking what he learned in 4th standard was 
ultimate, then process of receiving more knowledge will get hindered. 
In short neither Masters nor HPB had intention to convey secretes in 
plain language in the initial years of the Theosophical Society.
Best wishes,
Anand Gholap

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