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Re: Theos-World HPB's appraisal of the USA

Sep 18, 2004 11:59 AM
by stevestubbs

--- In, MKR<ramadoss@g...> wrote:
> HPB also made a statement that explains why she chose to become a 
> of US inspite of other draw backs the country has.

Blavatsky was a Russian citizen, meaning she would not have been 
welcome in India under the Raj because the British suspected the 
Russians wanted to take India for themselves, rather than allow 
Britain to continue exploiting the place. Whether this is true or 
not is an open question. The British tried twice to conquer 
Afghanistan, using Russian expansionism as a pretext, and found in 
both cases Afghanistan had what the British used to call a "stable 
border," meaning in plain English that the Afghans were capable of 
defending themselves against British (and Russian) aggression. 
Ironically, today American citizens are persona non grata in India, 
whereas Russians are OK. In Blavatsly's time the opposite was true. 
I do not for a moment believe anyone as intelligent as Blavatsky was 
could have had any admiration for the US. Once she went to India she 
made it clear she supported presumed Russian ambitions in the area, 
was investigated by British officials for those statements, and made 
an interesting prophecy that India would shake off the British yoke 
about halfway through the twentieth century. The prophecy was 
precisely fulfilled but could have been a lucky guess since she did 
not make any other prophecy that came out well.

I would offer some thoughts for consideration regarding Paul's 
comments. It may be true that the US does not consume a precisely 
proportionate share of resources relative to some other country, but 
it is impossible as a practical matter to enforce precisely 
proportionate consumption, and one wonders why it would even be 
desirable. I have always thought this a bogus issue. There is no 
way everyone can be made precisely equal to everyone else. This 
notion was dreamed up on the left as a way of snookering people who 
do not stop and think.

It is true that the former governor of Texas, currently unemployed 
but squatting illegally in the white house, wishes to advance the 
financial interests of the Bush oil family by promoting more 
consumption, discouraging conservation, fighting to stop research 
into alternative energy sources, and so forth. He is not blind, 
though. He sees only too well.

As for the US being an engine for science and technology, all the 
technology is being shipped overseas, mainly to India. The plan, 
according to statements in the press, is to completely eliminate 
technology from the US by 2015 at the latest. If all goes well, 
implementation of the technology part of the plan should be completed 
within three to four years. According to a study done at Berkeley, 
14,500,000 jobs are going to be shipped out over the next few years, 
the persons who currently hold those positions facing a permanent end 
to their careers and possibly to their physical existence. This 
larger pool of jobs includes 550 professions total, including 
accounting, finance, law, etc. This will be accompanied by general 
economic decline and eventual collapse, meaning the US will be a 
center for slums and violence but not for anything positive. The 
rulers are already buying property in overseas locations so that they 
can run the place from afar, as the British did in Ireland. So much 
for the nonsense about this being a "kind" country. Nowhere else in 
the world does that degree of callousness exist, except Iraq, which 
has been taken over by the former governor of Texas. Look at Iraq 
and you will see the former governor's plans for his own country. Ex 
marines and others who are supernationalistic have indicated to me 
they do not wish to be aware of what the future holds and that they 
intend to engage in aggressive willful denial. They will discover in 
due course that what is stated above is true. They will also 
discover that the results are intended to engulf everyone who does 
not get out before the collapse. This is unprecedented since it is 
not an unpredictable natural disaster or a capricious twist of fate, 
but something which has been carefully planned by the elite in the 
country which is intended to be done in. I am not aware of any other 
time in history which compares with it. Anyway, those who wish to 
see the end of the US will get their wish within a remarkably short 
period of time.

As for science, go anywhere in the world and you will be told it was 
all stolen from somewhere else. This is an historical question which 
I am not competent to address, but it is consistent with claims that 
everyone else in the world is more intelligent than are Americans. 
If the claim of stolen science is untrue, then we have an historical 
mystery to solve. Scientists insist that all the science developed 
here was done by immigrants, and not by natives. By waging war on 
weaker countries, as did Rome in ancient times, the US has sucked the 
brainpower out of those countries, as Rome did in ancient times.

Even though it is not true that anything of value originates here, it 
is true that the US is a breeding ground for cranks, kooks, and 
screwballs of every sort, including religious cranks. It is not 
true, so far as I know, that we have a monopoly or even a lead in 
this area. Since socialism became the state religion of most 
European countries during Stalin's era, atheism is extremely popular 
in that part of the world. But outside Europe every sort of idiocy 
imaginable is thriving, especially Wahhabism and its favorite child, 
Islamic terrorism. It would not be fair to say that the US is the 
origin of anything as wacky as Islam with its ridiculous moon worship 
ceremonies. It should also be said that even though religion is in 
terminal decline in Europe, so is everything else and there could be 
a connection between those two. Also that Stalinism is not an 
altogether sensible belief system. The fact that Europe sat out the 
computer revolution is due to Stalin's decree that cybernetics is 
a "false science." Other cranky Stalinist ideas such as the Lysenko 
matter, etc., have hampered Europe's development. Better not to have 
a pope at all, whether in Rome or in Moscow. Kooky as it is, 
religious life is a barometer of a country's life in general. 
Countries with dead souls have not done as well historically as those 
with more life in them. I predict that in decades to come the goofy 
moon gazing world of Islam will overtake Europe and leave them in the 

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