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Re: Theos-World Re: endless series of Seers

Sep 14, 2004 07:01 AM
by MKR


Were there not several instances of what is said in Isis was "apparently" 
different from later explanation in SD. When one deals especially with 
matters what psychics can see and describe, there are bound to be some 
differences. Until such time that *we can for ourselves see first hand*, 
there are going to be differences of perception. It also reminds me of the 
blind men and the elephant. Each had a different perception and all are 
correct in their limited perception.


At 01:35 AM 09/14/04 +0000, prmoliveira wrote:
> >We have no two beliefs or hypotheses on the same subject.
>What then is the reason for HPB to mention, both in The Key and in
>the SD, *several* schools of thought concerning the constitution of
>man (e.g. Vedanta, Kabala, Taraka-Raja Yoga, Esoteric Buddhist,


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