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endless series of Seers

Sep 13, 2004 06:33 AM
by Perry Coles

Just thought I'd post a quote from a section in 'The Key to Theosophy'
that was discussed in a reading group recently.
It to me presents very clearly that there are definite teachings in
theosophical writings & also calls into question the validity of self
styled later "seers" in the theosophical society who came up with
conflicting and even outright opposing teachings from those originally
given out.

Who checked and verified there visions and pronouncements?

If they conflict with those of the "endless series of Seers" spoken
about doesn't that call them immediately into question as being valid
theosophical teachings?

Tie this in with the comment on "faith" in the below quote and see the
inherent safe guard this gives against blind belief or dogmatic


ENQUIRER. But what are your data for this assertion?

THEOSOPHIST. What science in general will never accept as proof -- the
cumulative testimony of an endless series of Seers who have testified
to this fact. Their spiritual visions, real explorations by, and
through, physical and spiritual senses untrammelled by blind flesh,
were systematically checked and compared one with the other, and their
nature sifted. All that was not corroborated by unanimous and
collective experience was rejected, while that only was recorded as
established truth which, in various ages, under different climes, and
throughout an untold series of incessant observations, was found to
agree and receive constantly further corroboration. The methods used
by our scholars and students of the psycho-spiritual sciences do not
differ from those of students of the natural and physical sciences, as
you may see. Only our fields of research are on two different planes,
and our instruments are made by no human hands, for which reason
perchance they are only the more reliable. The retorts, accumulators,
and microscopes of the chemist and naturalist may get out of order;
the telescope and the astronomer's horological instruments may get
spoiled; our recording instruments are beyond the influence of weather
or the elements.

ENQUIRER. And therefore you have implicit faith in them?

THEOSOPHIST. Faith is a word not to be found in theosophical
dictionaries: we say knowledge based, on observation and experience.
There is this difference, however, that while the observation and
experience of physical science lead the Scientists to about as many
"working" hypotheses as there are minds to evolve them, our knowledge
consents to add to its lore only those facts which have become
undeniable, and which are fully and absolutely demonstrated. We have
no two beliefs or hypotheses on the same subject. 

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