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RE: Theos-World Reading Thought Forms

Sep 12, 2004 09:33 PM
by MKR


That was my understanding as well.

Suppose I see a msg on a maillist, which I suspect is posted by someone using a pseudonym (it does happen all the time in the maillists and internet posting - especially when provocative or radio active subjects are discussed or opinions posted), I do not think that it is appropriate to use any psychic mind/thought reading process to investigate whether the poster is using his/her real name or using a pseudonym. It is true that when the person was composing the msg, he/she would have generated the thoughts which would be somewhere in the Akashic Records.


At 09:06 PM 09/11/04 -0700, W.Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

Sept 11 2004

As far as I know HPB said it was black magic to invade another's mind and
read his inner thoughts if not given permission to do so.

We all know this. It is a part of the automatic warning system called the
"Voice of Conscience." It comes from past experience, and is stored in

"Thought forms" was not a phrase HPB used. It was used after her death by
some who wanted to bring The THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY closer to the faction
interested in psychic phenomena and illicit dealing with the astral world
and its denizens.

In the original literature this is made very plain.

Has anyone got a definite reference?

Best wishes,



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From: Eldon
Sent: Friday, September 10, 2004 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: Reading Thought Forms

At 06:33 AM 9/10/2004, you wrote:

>Is not reading thought forms generated by someone is reading someone's
>thought? If that be the case, is it not an invasion of privacy unless the
>person who generated the thought gives permission? Did HPB comment on this
>issue in any of her writings?
>Anyone cares to comment?


Since you're inviting comments, I'll throw out a few ideas that occur to me
in reading your question. It would be interesting to see what others think

I'd say that if you're just reading the ideas that someone has put down on
paper, you're just reinforcing those ideas in the thought atmosphere of the
earth, making them easier for others to think. A particular set of ideas
are strengthened as a large number of people think them, until they take on
archetypal qualities. At that point -- who knows? -- perhaps some being
could embody itself by giving sentience to that collective image.

I don't think that you would be building a personal relationship with the
author of the words that you read, unless there was a two-way connection
between you and the other that already existed. Then your reading the words
would take you, in your mind's eye, to that person based upon the strength
of the bond you have to him or her and how much those words carry his or
her particular swabhava or personal qualities.

-- Eldon

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