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Koot Hoomi on modern day seers

Sep 11, 2004 09:26 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

"Vainly do your modern seers and their 
prophetesses, creep into every cleft and 
crevice without outlet or continuity they 
chance to see; and still more vainly, when 
once within do they lift up their voices 
and loudly cry: 'Eureka! We have gotten a 
revelation from the Lord!'  for verily 
have they nothing of the kind. They have 
disturbed but bats, less blind their 
intruders; who, feeling them flying about, 
mistake them as often for angels  as 
they too have wings! . . . "   
Master Koot Hoomi, The Mahatma Letters, 
2nd ed., Letter 48

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