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Hugh Shearman on Conflicts in the Teachings between Blavatsky & Leadbeater

Sep 11, 2004 08:45 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Dr. Hugh Shearman wrote the following
in the pages of THE THEOSOPHIST:

". . . the accounts of after-death 
conditions in her [Blavatsky's] own 
direct writings and in the Mahatma 
Letters clash very emphatically not 
only with what Bishop Leadbeater and 
other members of the [Adyar Theosophical] 
Society later described, but also with 
descriptions given by psychics quite 
unconnected with the Society." 

"Theosophical Ontologies," The Theosophist, 
October, 1971, p. 11.

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