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Re: Theos-World School No. 1, Beslan

Sep 11, 2004 07:27 AM
by adelasie

Dear Leon,

That is the $64 question!

> However, considering human frailties and the social pressures of the
> different and opposing religious, economic and political systems
> around us, I wonder how easy that will be and how long before
> terrorism in defense of socially conditioned perceived "freedom" can
> be completely eliminated? 

Probably not easy at all, and long long long. We might keep in mind 
the tremendous load of Kali Yuga karma that must be paid, the result 
of millennia of man's (and woman's) inhumanity to each other. But 
paid it will be, and it might be that the more effective we, who have 
the priviledge of "having a clue" what is really going on, are at 
pursuing the course recommended by the Masters through HPB, the 
sooner the goal is reached. After all, things cannot go on like they 
are forever. Everything must change.

Best wishes,

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