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Re: Theos-World School No. 1, Beslan

Sep 10, 2004 01:45 PM
by leonmaurer

Dear Adelesie.

I agree. That is the only way that Theosophy can effectively act in the 
world at large... By the individual self devised and self determined efforts of 
each of us to express theosophy in our personal life by practicing altruism and 
brotherhood and accepting our family, social and political responsibilities 
-- as well as directly helping and teaching others to understand the truths of 
karma and reincarnation as laws of nature and the necessity of each such 
awakened individual to help promote the evolution of the race and their own 
ultimate liberation through their own comparable theosophical actions. Thus, the 
accumulative effects of such individual actions could eventually achieve the 
ultimate objectives of the Theosophical Movement. 

However, considering human frailties and the social pressures of the 
different and opposing religious, economic and political systems around us, I wonder 
how easy that will be and how long before terrorism in defense of socially 
conditioned perceived "freedom" can be completely eliminated? 


In a message dated 09/08/04 9:53:11 AM, adelasie@s... writes:

>Dear Leon,
>Do you find that each individual has a responsibility, according to 
>his/her understanding and devotion, to manifest those principles of 
>universal Brotherhood and altruism in his/her daily life, thereby 
>increasing the quotient of such in the general equation?
>On 8 Sep 2004 at 3:16, leonmaurer@a... wrote:
>> "Terrorism," as it appears today, is a political and social problem
>> that theosophy, which doesn't interfere in social or political action,
>> can have no practical solution... Except, perhaps, to continue spread
>> broadcasting the fundamental truths it teaches -- with the purpose of
>> eventually changing the minds of all people, so that Universal
>> Brotherhood and altruism in thought and deed becomes universally
>> practiced, and reflected in the governments and societies of mankind
>> everywhere. Then, there will be no further need for terrorism --
>> which is used solely as a means to enforce change in social, economic
>> and political systems that, through one means or another rooted in
>> selfishness and greed, is oppressive to others. 
>> Leon

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