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re terrorists and ...

Sep 10, 2004 07:42 PM
by Mauri

Leon wrote, in part: << how long before terrorism in defense of socially
conditioned perceived "freedom" can be completely eliminated?

Inasmuchas some governments and environments sponsor or ignore terrorism, seems to me that a solution to eradicate terrorism might involve persistent, patient, diplomatic attempts to establish and maintain meaningful communications with the leaders of countries, societies, religions, governments and especially the younger or wiser people in such countries, with the sincere objective of establishing ways in which the younger and open minded and wiser people in such countries might be helped in a ways that might benefit the entire planet in some long-term sense. For example, apparently there are young people from Israel and Palestine getting together to discuss peaceful solutions and co-operative efforts. There was a recent TV documentary about that. I suspect that at some point the old, brainswashed terrorists, militants and extremists might be seen as obsolete by the younger or wiser people.


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