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RE: Thoughts & Facts

Sep 10, 2004 05:21 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 10 2004

Dear Friend:

Re Dreams and visions

It is most difficult to try to interpret another’s visions ( or rather the
memories left to us imprinted on our brain-minds at the time of awakening).

See pp. 59-78, or, in Blavatsky: COLLECTED WORKS, Vol, X, p. 246 – 263.
There is a section on “Dreams” that is most helpful in giving us clues for
self-review and meditation on what we have experienced. 

Such work ought to be done by ourselves, using the basic concepts of
THEOSOPHY as assists. For example:
1 – We are immortals. Our “unit” consists of SPIRIT – WISDOM and MIND

2 -- The Universe is ONE. All beings are enveloped in IT. It is
immeasurable, consistent and protective of all its many units.

3 -- We (as Units) are united at all times to that Universe.  

4 -- We have the same potentials as are in IT. The Universe runs under
immutable laws (Karma). They (IT) always tends to restore disturbed
harmony, but as a whole they promote the development of wisdom in every
Unit. There are no favourites.

5 -- The general progress includes all forms of matter and all levels of
intelligence. Hence the whole is spoken of as a Brotherhood. It is
recommended that at all times we treat others as “brother immortals” engaged
in a common labor and having for aim Supreme Perfection (or

6 -- Brotherhood implies a common, universal and impartial moral and ethical
basis for personal desires, thoughts and actions – it is always something
that assists others and is totally and at all times unselfish. 

7 – When any “Advanced State” is attained the Unit who has worked forit,
extends the hand of fellowship and assistance to all around it, or who may
appeal to it for help.

As to the Hexagon you saw, here is one interpretation of it:

“Does your ------ know the meaning of the white and black interlaced
triangles, of the Parent Society's seal that it has also adopted? Shall I
explain? -- the double triangle viewed by the Jewish Kabalists as Solomon's
Seal, is, as many of you doubtless know the Sri-antara of the archaic Aryan
Temple, the "mystery of Mysteries," a geometrical synthesis of the whole
occult doctrine. 

The two interlaced triangles are the Buddhangums of Creation. They contain
the "squaring of the circle," the "philosophical stone," the great problems
of Life and Death, and -- the Mystery of Evil. The chela who can explain
this sign from every one of its aspects -- is virtually an adept. 

How is it then that the only one among you, who has come so near to
unravelling the mystery is also the only one who got none of her ideas from
books? Unconsciously she gives out -- to him who has the key -- the first
syllable of the Ineffable name! Of course you know that the double-triangle
-- the Satkiri Chakram of Vishnu -- or the six-pointed star, is the perfect
seven. In all the old Sanskrit works -- Vedic and Tantrik -- you find the
number 6 mentioned more often than the 7 -- this last figure, the central
point being implied, for it is the germ of the six and their matrix. It is
then thus . . . 

[At this point in the original there is a rough drawing of the interlaced
triangles inscribed in a circle. -- ED.]

-- the central point standing for seventh, and the circle, the Mahakasha --
endless space -- for the seventh Universal Principle. In one sense, both are
viewed as Avalokitesvara, [the Divine Universal MAN – MIND -- MAHAT] for
they are respectively the Macrocosm [Kosmos] and the microcosm. [Man]

The interlaced triangles -- the upper pointing one -- is Wisdom concealed,
and the downward pointing one -- Wisdom revealed (in the phenomenal world).
The circle [as a parameter around the outside of the two triangles]
indicates the bounding, circumscribing quality of the All, the Universal
Principle which, from any given point expands so as to embrace all things,
while embodying the potentiality of every action in the Cosmos. 

As the point then is the centre round which the circle is traced -- they are
identical and one, and though from the standpoint of Maya and Avidya --
(illusion and ignorance) -- one is separated from the other by the
manifested triangle, the 3 sides of which represent the three gunas [purity
– action – inertia] -- finite attributes. 

In symbology the central point is Jivatma (the 7th principle), and hence
Avalokitesvara, the Kwan-Shai-yin, the manifested "Voice" (or Logos), the
germ point of manifested activity; -- hence -- in the phraseology of the
Christian Kabalists "the Son of the Father and Mother," and agreeably to
ours -- "the Self manifested in Self -- Yih-sin, the "one form of
existence," the child of Dharmakaya (the universally diffused Essence), both
male and female. 

Parabrahm or "Adi-Buddha" while acting through that germ point outwardly as
an active force, reacts from the circumference inwardly as the Supreme but
latent Potency. 

The double triangles symbolize the Great Passive and the Great Active; the
male and female; Purusha and Prakriti. Each triangle is a Trinity because
presenting a triple aspect. The white represents in its straight lines:
Gnanam -- (Knowledge); Gnata -- (the Knower); and Gnayam -- (that which is
known). The black-form, colour, and substance, also the creative,
preservative, and destructive forces and are mutually correlating, etc.,

Well may you admire and more should you wonder at the marvellous lucidity of
that remarkable seeress, who ignorant of Sanskrit or Pali, and thus shut out
from their metaphysical treasures, has yet seen a great light shining from
behind the dark bills of exoteric religions. How, think you, did --- come to
know that Adonai was the Son and not the Father; or that the third Person of
the Christian Trinity is -- female? 

Verily, they lay in that work several times their hands upon the keystone of
Occultism. Only does ----- … nearly comes up to our doctrine when saying:
-- "Having for Father, Spirit which is Life (the endless Circle or
Parabrahm) and for Mother the Great Deep, which is Substance (Prakriti in
its undifferentiated condition) -- Adonai possesses the potency of both and
wields the dual powers of all things." 

We would say triple, but in the sense as given this will do. Pythagoras had
a reason for never using the finite, useless figure -- 2, and for altogether
discarding it. 

The ONE, can, when manifesting, become only 3. The unmanifested when a
simple duality remains passive and concealed. The dual monad (the 7th and
6th principles) [Atma-Spirit, and, Buddhi-Wisdom] has, in order to manifest
itself as a Logos, the "Kwan-shai-yin" to first become a triad (7th, 6th and
half of the 5th [Manas]); then, on the bosom of the "Great Deep" attracting
within itself the One Circle -- form out of it the perfect Square, thus
"squaring the circle" -- the greatest of all the mysteries, friend -- and
inscribing within the latter the -- WORD (the Ineffable name) -- otherwise
the duality could never tarry as such, and would have to be reabsorbed into
the ONE. 

The "Deep" is Space -- both male and female. "Purush [Spirit] (as Brahma)
breathes in the Eternity: when 'he' in-breathes -- Prakriti (as manifested
Substance) disappears in his bosom; when 'he' out-breathes she reappears as
Maya," says the Sloka. The One reality is Mulaprakriti (undifferentiated
Substance) -- the "Rootless root," the [MAHABUDDHI] . . . MAHATMA

Also these notes may help:


"In the dream state we lose all knowledge of the objects which while awake
we thought real and proceed to suffer and enjoy in that new state. [ see SD
I 47 ] In this we find the consciousness applying itself to objects
partaking of course of the nature of experiences of the waking condition,
but at the same time producing the sensations of pleasure and pain while
they last. [ see SD I 56 ] Let us imagine a person's body plunged in a
lethargy extending over twenty years and the mind undergoing a pleasant or
unpleasant dream, and we have a life just of that sort, altogether different
from the life of one awake. For the consciousness of this dreamer the
reality of objects known during the waking state is destroyed. But as
material existence is a necessary evil and the one is which alone
emancipation or salvation can be obtained, it is of the greatest importance
and hence Karma which governs it...must be well understood and then be
accepted and obeyed."	Echoes. pp. 41-42

"Dreams are sometimes the result of brain action automatically proceeding,
and are also produced by the transmission into the brain by the real inner
person of those senses or ideas high or low which the real person has seen
while the body slept. They are then strained into the brain as if floating
on the soul as it sinks into the body. These dreams may be of great use,
but generally the resumption of bodily activity destroys the meaning,
perverts the image, and reduces all to confusion. 

But the great fact of all dreaming is that some one perceives and feels
therein and this is one of the arguments for the inner person's existence.

In sleep the inner man communes with higher intelligences, and sometimes
succeeds in impressing the brain with what is gained, either a high idea or
a prophetic vision, or else fails in consequence of the resistance of the
brain fiber. The karma of the person also determines the meaning of a
dream, for a kind may dream that which relates to his kingdom, which the
same thing dreamed by a citizen relates to nothing of temporal consequence.
But, as said by Job: "In dreams and visions of the night man is
instructed."	Ocean, p. 143-4

"When one says "I dreamed," he is in the waking state and is surrounded by
the external conditions that go to make up that state of consciousness; he
is therefore comparing the state in which he finds himself with another
state whose surroundings are not then present or the dreaming
state, all that made up his waking state is absent from his perceptions and
he is surrounded by a world of his own creation, which for the time being is
objective and real to him; his perceptions are "awake" to the dream and
immersed in it, so he has nothing before him to compare the states of waking
and dreaming with. Should he be able to make comparisons , the dream state
would cease and he would be awake."	Answers to Questions, p. 94-5


"Dreamless sleep is one of the seven states of consciousness known in
Oriental esotericism. In each of these states a different portion of the
mind comes into action; or as a Vedantin would express it, the individual
is conscious in a different plane of his being. The term "dreamless sleep,"
in this case is applied allegorically to the Universe to express a condition
somewhat analogous to that state of consciousness in man, which, not being
remembered is a waking state, seems a blank, just as the sleep of the
mesmerized subject seems to him an unconscious blank when he returns to his
normal condition, although he has been talking and acting as a conscious
individual would."	SD I 47

"...dreamless sleep--one that leaves no impression on the physical memory
and brain, because the sleeper's Higher Self is in its original state of
absolute unconsciousness during those is by no means
such a "dreamless sleep," but, on the contrary, absolute existence, an
unconditioned unity, or a state, to describe which human language is
absolutely hopelessly can be attempted solely in the
visions of the soul, through spiritual ideations of the divine monad."	[
see also SD I 429 top ]	SD I 266

"Buddhi the Spiritual soul...because it is the direct cause of Sushupti
[deep sleep]...leading to Turiya...the highest state of Samadhi [ Meditation
]...Buddhi becomes a "causal body" in conjunction with Manas the incarnation
of the Entity or Ego..." Glossary, p. 74

"There are many kinds of "dreams"...the highest of them being recollections
of the activity and real awareness of the Inner Man, but these are not
ordinarily translatable into terms of bodily consciousness."	Ans.
to Quest. p. 95

"As a rule, all that we experience of a dream from the inner man is a
feeling, for the dream being strained through the brain is all broken and
confused. A dream that makes a profound impression...cannot be a mere
surface dream."	Ans. to Quest. 220

"In every night he enters that spiritual state, his own true nature.
Connection between the Lower and the Higher Manas must be made during life
in a body; it cannot be made at any other time."	And. to Quest. 175

"Good resolutions are mind-painted pictures of good deeds, fancies,
day-dreams, whisperings of the Buddhi to the Manas..."
Letters from the Masters of Wisdom (I) p 60-1


"Turiya (Sk.) A state of the deepest trance--the 4th state of the Taraka
Raja Yoga, on the corresponds with Atma, and on this earth within dreamless
sleep--a causal condition...almost a Nirvanic state if Samadhi, which is
itself a beatific state of the contemplative Yoga beyond this plane. A
condition of the higher Triad, quite distinct (though still inseparable)
from the conditions of Jagrat (waking), Swapna (dreaming), and Sushupti
[dreamless] (sleeping)" Glos. 345-6


Best wishes as always,


-----Original Message-----
From: Neg.
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 4:48 PM
Subject: Thoughts & Facts

I much enjoyed your email.  You sent me much food for thought, numbers and
signs pregnant with meaning.  It showed me exactly what I already knew about
you.  Here is a sign of my own. 
Last night I sat down and meditated on what has transpired.  An upward
pointing triangle appeared and as I viewed this vision another triangle
(downward pointing) lowered to fuse with the first forming a hexagon. This
was a real vision and within this hexagon I saw the initial of my
surname.  I entered into this letter and viewed myself
cross legged meditating.

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