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Re: Leadbeater, Damodar and Krishnamurti

Sep 09, 2004 12:59 PM
by kpauljohnson

Dear Gregory and all,

What do you make of this:

"closed, all pencils put away, and not notes taken. After hinting at
her own approaching end (she was 60 on 1st October of that year) she
said that she had been instructed to announce to the E.S. that the
Inner Head had told her that her place would be taken by a much more
advanced Chela and she went on to say that DAMODAR K. MAVALANKAR would
be returning to the outer world, after initiation in Tibet, to become
theosophical leader and OUTER HEAD of the School."

I have speculated that Damodar did not die in the snow nor did he make
it to Tibet, but went into seclusion in India; he could easily have
still been alive 21 years later. Olcott wrote to HPB that he had
received a communication from Damodar, and nothing about this report
makes it sound like anything eerie or paranormal, just a letter. 
They both seemed to have known that he was still alive. Conceivably
in 1907 he could have been planning to return to the TS which would
have caused quite a sensation, and then backed out for some reason. 
Remember that according to correspondence between the Founders the
Sankaracharya of Mysore agreed to a scheme creating a Vedanta society
that would be affiliated with the TS a la the Arya Samaj; Subba Row
was somehow party to this scheme. But it fell through for some reason
and my speculation was that the Swami got cold feet due to the Hodgson

Speculating further, Damodar could have backed out due to the return
of CWL; either because Damodar objected to CWL or vice-versa. Or this
source could be completely unreliable.


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