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Hunt Williamson

Sep 08, 2004 11:34 PM
by gregory

Further to John's reference to George Hunt Williamson, the following information may be of interest:

Williamosn was one of the American Theosophists and occultists who was involved in the strange world of "wandering bishops" and independent churches. On February 2, 1977, at Santa Barbara, California, Albert Coady consecratedas a bishop a man known as Michael Djorde Milan d¹Obrenovic, who claimedto be a descendant of the royal Yugoslavian family. He had been ordained in the Liberal Catholic Church in 1971, but left that body and joined the Orthodox Church of the East under John Marion Stanley, by whom he was consecrated on April 10, 1974. He was also sometimes known as Marziano II Francesco Giuseppe Maria Lavarello Obrenovitch, King of Serbia, or Bosnia, Count ofTakovo. He had been born as George Hunt Williamson (1926-1986), claimed tohave trained as an anthropologist and archeologist (and published under his original name), although the universities from which he claimed degrees denied knowledge of him. He was a Theosophist, occultist, an early promoter of claims of contact with Unidentified Flying Objects, and a recipient, viaautomatic writing, of messages from the Head of the Interplanetary Council-Circle, Kadar Laqu. Williamson and his wife were present when George Adamski claimed to have made his first contact with a Venusian in the Californian desert in November, 1952. Williamson claimed to have been receiving communications from Martians by automatic writing from August, 1952. Cf. George Hunt Williamson "The Saucers Speak" Neville Spearman, London:1963. Williamson (like Adamski) was influenced by William Dudley Pelley (1880-1965), a rabid anti-Semite, who led an occult group called ³Soulcraft² and published the racist journal, ³Valor². Williamson was involved in American fascist groups like the Silver Shirts. Cf. Colin Bennett "Looking for Orthon. The story of George Adamski, the first flying saucer contactee, and how he changed the world" Paraview Press, New York, 2001:212. Williamson had alsofounded an occult monastery in South America, under the name of Brother Philip, which operated in the 1960s and 1970s. Cf. Brother Philip "The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays" Saucerian Books, Clarksburg: 1961. Williamson resigned as a bishop in May 1976, but was reconciled the following month. He became inactive due to illness from 1978, and finally resigned in September, 1978. 

Dr Gregory Tillett

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