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On Inspiration

Sep 09, 2004 00:23 AM
by leonmaurer


Here's an answer and comments (below) to your questions and observations from 
a purely scientific point of view that considers the fundamental esoteric 
metaphysics explained in the Secret Doctrine and further explored by my theory of 

In a message dated 09/06/04 7:24:35 AM, clarity12.1@j... writes:
>How do we know from whom we receive our inspirations, those that measure
>up to what a Master or one of the many higher intelligences of the great
>Ashram in the sky might utter. 
>The artist has muses. Others use other inspiration and do not call it the
>Those who deeply meditate will often come up with insights comparable to
>what we read from the minds of those we call Masters.
>Is there not a overriding Intelligence that resonates in every wave and
>particle we call Life that enhances realization to the one open and 

Yes, being "open and receptive" is that ability to release the mind and body 
from distractive thoughts and sensory feelings that interfere with a direct 
vision from one's zero laya point of awareness into one's higher field of 
intuitive mind -- which reflects directly on fundamental ideas and knows and has 
experienced everything. That field of consciousness is the mirror of our 
individual spiritual field that is a direct reflection of the higher Self -- who is 
our inner and only true "Master" (and, also, the artist's "Muse" as well as any 
others' source of "inspiration"). 

The intelligence received from that inner Master is the only kind of 
inspiration we can have ... That not only measures up to those of any other living or 
descended "Master" but also gives us what they can't... Direct experience of 
the truth that we can "know," first hand, within ourselves. 

This higher intelligence is contained in our surrounding spiritual field that 
emanates directly from the primal, non dimensional spin field (Akasha) of 
Absolute space -- which is everywhere within and surrounding every point of our 
mental, astral and physical (metric) space. 

That primal or infinite intelligence is permanently impressed as holographic 
interference patterns at near infinite frequencies on our highest spiritual 
field or plane of consciousness. 

These patterns of energy are "electrical" in nature, obey all its laws of 
cycles and harmony, and can be detected and holographically reconstructed into 
directly perceived images or abstract conceptions by a direct ray of coherent 
"light" or analogous energy willfully projected from the spinergy of our 
zero-point of self individuality onto the spiritual field of consciousness. 

The nature of the visionary ideas perceived, whether visual, verbal or 
otherwise would depend on the nature of that projected "inquiray" related to the 
frequency/energy of light on the spiritual plane (that, incidentally, travels at 
a much greater velocity than light on the physical plane, accounting for the 
instantaneity of thought).

This spiritual field surrounds and contains within it, like bubbles within 
bubbles within bubbles, the seven fold Chakra fields of our individual human 
nature. These fields are nested within each other, stepping down in 
substantiality (determined by frequency/energy/mass) -- starting from the first triune 
(Monadic) emanation consisting of (1) Spirit or Atma, (2) its vehicle, Buddhi, 
(the source of higher intuition) and (3) Manas (the source of rational and 
instinctive mind) linked to our lower animal nature. This lower nature consists of 
four additional inner fields of (4) Kama (Desire), (5) Prana (Vital energy), 
and (6) Astral form that culminates in the (7) Physical Body fields at the 
lowest and densest range of frequency/energy/mass. 

All these "information" fields of consciousness are connected through their 
zero-point surface tangency's and common zero-points of origination -- which, 
due to the absolute non dimensionality of their zero-points, are "entangled" 
with each other, or "coadunate but not consubstantial," as Blavatsky put it. 

Thus, holographic information -- whether impressed on the higher intuitive 
mental fields directly from the spiritual field's primal or permanent wisdom, or 
temporarily focussed on the lower mental and emotional fields through each of 
the senses -- can be transferred from field to field by inductive resonance 
processes. And, such information can be selectively detected by our entangled 
zero-points of awareness whenever we will our concentration on any individual 
point of desired attention. Thus, one can access the higher knowledge by 
concentrating one's consciousness and attention on a single point of inquiry 
directed to the higher Self. As Einstein said when asked what does he owe his 
genius to, he replied, "Genius is concentration on a single point of inquiry for 
an extended period of time." 

To visualize symbolically and analogously (as above so below) how these 
spherical fields of consciousness involve (before evolution kicks in on their 
surfaces or M-branes) and are coenergetically linked with each other through their 
surfaces and zero-points, see:

In other words, there's no mystery in the mastery. :-)

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask. 


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