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To W. Dallas TenBroeck

Sep 07, 2004 06:13 AM
by Pedro Oliveira

"Mariner, what of the deep?
This of the deep:
Solitude dwells not there, though silence reigns;
Might the brotherhood of loss and pain;
There is communion past the need of speech,
There is a love no words of love can reach;
Heavy the waves that superincumbent press,
But as we labour here with constant stress,
Hand doth hold out to hand not help alone,
But the deep bliss of being fully known.
There are no kindred like the kin of sorrow,
There is no hope like theirs who fear no morrow.
Deeper than life the plan of life doth lie,
He who knows all, fear naught. Great Death shall die."

Sara Williams (From Deep-sea Soundings)

(Source: Oxford Book of English Mystical

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