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RE: Questions...

Sep 07, 2004 04:59 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 7 2004.

Dear Joe:

Many of us call ourselves "students" of THEOSOPHY, and not "Theosophists." 

I think this is because the term ought to be reserved to the MASTERS OF
WISDOM who both know and fully practise THEOSOPHY. 

We are students, trying to learn and trying to work on ourselves. By that I
mean our "lower nature." [Kama-Manas]

I think a reading of The KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) helps in both giving us a
lesson in THEOSOPHY and also in framing questions we could ask.

But, primarily we ought to grasp the implications of

1 we are immortal spirit/souls in our core essence..

2 Every life is a learning experiences, an we continually add to
these experiences as we reincarnate. Our bodies are the field of learning -
like a day at "school." When they die, the lessons learned are stored in
our immortal core, (Buddhi-Manas and the Akasa) and on rebirth, they
reappear as our "characters and our innate capacities" in a new body that
our Karma assembles for us to use. 

3 We need first to determine, firmly and fully, what THEOSOPHY
teaches as to the difference that exists in terms of motive, between "virtue
and vice." Without that we have no basis to ask, or advise, anything of
anyone. An understanding of this leads to an appreciation of the "strict
moral reform" THEOSOPHY portrays. It is always to be self-applied and never
to be enforced on others. [ As an example of this, read Book 8 of the LIGHT
OF ASIA - by Sir Edwin Arnold - on the life and teachings of the Buddha.]

4 If we, as immortals [Monads - Atma-Buddhi-Manas] are struggling
to know and regulate our lower nature, [Kama-Manas] then we have to realize
that KARMA is the great law of the Universe that never sleeps and knows
everything about us. There is no hiding place, and no "pardons." 

5 It [KARMA] is called the Law of Compensation for the reason that
it brings to us eventually all the good and all the bad we do to, or for,
others. It is universal and impartial in scope as it regulates the harmony
of the Universe and of the Earth, and finally, of ourselves. [There is NO
"Personal GOD" that can be petitioned to break His own Laws in our favor.
How are our victims compensated? KARMA is equal justice and mercy for all. ]

6 It would be foolish (if the above is true) to do ill to anyone
for the simple reason that it is eventually reflected back on us and there
is no escape for that. 

7 THEOSOPHY teaches we are all immortal Pilgrims and our
destination is common: The attainment of Supreme Perfection, and ALL
KNOWLEDGE. [Before that, we have to prove [to NATURE] we are harmless, and
will not abuse any power we acquire under any circumstance.]

So, (1) Immortality, (2) The universal and impartial justice of Karma, and
(3) the common goal of SUPREME PERFECTION -- are the three most important
concepts we need to see the accuracy and need for in ourselves. - 

And after we have succeeded in applying them to ourselves, we may become
gradually fit to talk about them to others and explain them. In the meantime
we are encouraged to act as Brothers, and help all who come our way.

These "mottos" say it essentially.

"Theosophist is who THEOSOPHY does."

"There is no religion higher than Truth."

Best wishes,



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From: Joe Fulton 
Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2004 8:46 AM
Subject: Questions...

I'm working on putting together a blog, with the basic theme of "Questions,"
specifically, that of what we, as Theosophists should be asking of the rest
of the world at large.

If you can take a couple minutes and jot down a couple things that you
really feel need to be asked of individuals in the sciences, arts, and
culture to help promote the discussion & dissemination of "theosophical"
viewpoints/ideas, such would be much appreciated.

Thanks much. 


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