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Re: School No. 1, Beslan

Sep 06, 2004 06:42 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, PhilotesII@a... wrote:

> First, get the facts right, unless you are thoroughly aquainted 
with the 
> problem it would be safer not to meddle. Good intentions are not 
good enough.
> Dunblane is in Scotland, not England.

Mea culpa for placing Dunblane in England.

> The Libyan Embasy siege though did take place in London.
> The situation with Libya has improved enormously since then and 
continues to 
> improve,
> possibly because of extremely hard work, patience and knowledge by 
> diplomats.

I was referring to the widespread massacre of women and children in 
two Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982. Although the 
situation in Lybia may have improved the plight of Palestinians does 
not seem to have an end in sight. Why not send the same diplomats 
that succeeded in Lybia to the Middle-East?

> I fear that uninformed commentary can only rekindle extreme 
emotions and 
> jepordise the current situation.

If you think the comments in the original post could jeopardise the 
current situation wait until "The Long Quest for Supremacy in 
Theosophy" is published.


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