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RE: Theos-World Re: [Young Theosophists] what is missing from the overall Theosophical Society

Sep 06, 2004 03:23 PM
by Ruffus

So the question one has to ask is, has the TS done its job and some new 

"non traditional" "organization" may be the future vehicle to spread the 

Ancient Wisdom and "Brotherhood" that most will agree the modern world 

badly needs, while the current theosophical organizations will continue in 

its maintenance mode till the funds run out.

Most of what has been said has validity . However this last above
statement misses a reality . 

This type of wisdom is not spread , nor are revivals given as is in good
ole southern

Baptist religion . This is a wisdom where the student comes in search of
the organization and

message. Not the other way around . People are not converted to a wisdom
religion, philosophy

Or movement. They find it . That is the way it has been , and the only way
it will ever

Be. Because the nature of the message , it has to be that way . Now about
age , it has been

Said in various esoteric writings that a person becomes most receptive for
this type of thought at 50 . 

Now I know most of us have always have had a interest in the occult , but it
does take a factor of maturity

Before some of the teachings may be understood , to take that extra step . 

I don't want to get into a argument about age .. it is this is 

Just what has been written by various authors . It has always seemed a
little particular to me . but it

Does seem to be a constant . 


Atlanta USA

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