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Re: Theos-World Re: [Young Theosophists] what is missing from the overall Theosophical Society

Sep 06, 2004 03:06 PM
by MKR

I hope you will get some support. Even when I first joined theos-l 
maillist, the existence of the maillist and how to subscribe to it was 
learnt from a fellow member across the country and not from TSA, even 
though that was the only maillist on Internet at that time.

Either the leadership did not understand the utility of the medium or were 
afraid of membership getting good and bad info about the theosophy from 
other than "official" channels or one wonders if they were waiting for 
"orders" beyond Himalayas!!!


At 05:01 PM 09/06/04 -0400, Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> I've tried this. I created a Yahoo group called "Theosophical 
> Society
>Lodge Talk" ( ) for that kind
>of thing (as well as practical communication between lodges), and only
>about a dozen people joined. I guess I could write to Betty Bland again
>and see if she can give it some publicity.


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