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Re: Theos-World Re: [Young Theosophists] what is missing from the overall Theosophical Society

Sep 06, 2004 02:58 PM
by MKR

The future lies with younger generation. Historially, if you look at any 
growing (spiritual) organization, you will find that the leader is a young 
person. Lord Buddha was a young man. Lord Jesus was a young man. Shri 
Shankaracharya was a very young man. Even when TS was started, both HPB 
and Olcott and Judge were all in their prime. They launched TS in their 
prime of life. Jiddu Krishnamurti started his talks when he was a young man.

If you look at the current leadership at all levels, most of them are old 
people; for many of them they are now on full time Theososphical work after 
their retirement from their professional jobs. So there is a gap between 
generations, and I hope someone has an answer to bridging the gap. I for 
one does not see light at the end of the tunnel for future when the current 
trend changes.

So the question one has to ask is, has the TS done its job and some new 
"non traditional" "organization" may be the future vehicle to spread the 
Ancient Wisdom and "Brotherhood" that most will agree the modern world 
badly needs, while the current theosophical organizations will continue in 
its maintenance mode till the funds run out.


At 08:59 PM 09/06/04 +0000, Anand Gholap wrote:
> From my observation I can tell that there is tremendous generation
>gap between those who hold offices, lead lodges, meetings, lectures
>etc. and younger generation. This generation gap is not just because
>of age. Younger generation is professional in work and thinking
>because of importance and facilities of education they get, explosion
>of media and tremendous difference in environment when these two
>generations grew up. These facilities and environment were not
>available to now-old people when they were young. So there is lot of
>difference in psychology, thinking and emotions between old men and
>young professional type new gereration. So young
>members don't feel comfortable with old members. When they don't feel
>at home, they don't come. Young people have new ideas, energy,
>desire to do Theosophical work in creative way and when their
>proposals are turned down by old generation they feel bad and don't
>involve. Take the case of Eldon. If he was told by officers that they
>should not give speeches on CDs in MP3 format how would Eldon had
>felt? Next time he would neither show interest in work nor initiate
>new ideas. Creativity is inherent in young people and and it needs
>expression. When it is suppressed they go where they can give outlet
>to creativity. Old generation tends to keep things running as they
>are, to keep status quo. So ideas from young members are rejected.
>Energy, creativity, outlook is quite different.
> I am grateful that old people continued work so that young
>members still can see it. But diffence of age, thinking, emotions,
>attitudes remain which is why young people are keeping themselves
>Anand Gholap


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