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An honest and open-minded examination of all facts subjective and objective.

Sep 05, 2004 07:45 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

In the 1900 K.H. letter, we read:

"The best corrective of error is an honest and
open-minded examination of all facts subjective
and objective."

Surely this is a remarkable statement with which
all Theosophists should agree.

For example, in dealing with the 2 different
birthdates for C.W. Leadbeater, I believe
Dr. Tillett has only wanted "an honest and
open-minded examination" and discussion of all
the facts.

Again Perry Coles has wanted such an
open-minded examination and discussion
on certain policy issues in the Adyar T.S.

The above quote is very much related to
what H.P. Blavatksy once wrote in LUCIFER:

"Open your columns to free and fearless discussion. . .
LUCIFER is . . . prepared to publish any inimical contributions 
(couched, of course, in decent language), however much at variance 
with . . . theosophical views . . . [and] is determined to give a 
fair hearing in any and every case, to both contending parties and 
allow things and thoughts to be judged on their respective merits. 
For why, or what should one dread when fact and truth are one's only 


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