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Re: Theos-World Re: Anand: Serious Questions with Profound Implications

Sep 05, 2004 08:24 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Dear Adelasie,

I am personally very skeptical about the possibility of Judge to have made any contact with the diseased Blavatsky. This fact does not invalidate or minimize the contribution of Judge for the theosophical cause.

Independent of the writing styling , Blavatsky was strictly against mediunic communications. Such claims of Judge are against some basic teachings andwarnings given by Blavatsky many times. Why would that be an exception forher? This would be not contradictory with everything that she have said while alive? Why after her pass away it would change? If there was an exception for her would that not be an excuse to be an exception also for many?

Well my personal opinion is that in no way Blavatsky have contact Judge after her death. And I can't even considered a possibility for that. If I haveto consider even a possibility for such fact to be real, so I must consider invalid some of the basic teachings of theosophy. As that its not possible to happen, I do consider that Judge in a moment of despair was trapped byhis own fantasies. 


Is it possible that we don't know enough to make such a 

> The writing style on one of the letter Judge affirms to be from
> Blavatsky itís a very different from the writing style of Blavatsky.

Such an accomplished adept as HPB could surely write in more than one 
style. Also, when a high entity communicates with someone in 
manifestation, the message comes through the latter, and can be 
colored by his/her personality in matters of expression.

> And also how he could affirm to be in contact with the diseased
> Blavatsky without challenging some of her basic teachings that are so
> clear against mediums practices. 

Perhaps HPB's teachings about mediumship did not apply to her own 
case. She was not a medium, such as those she warned against. She was 
a high adept, with a crucial work to do for the human race. Judge was 
her chosen successor, and perhaps there are things possible in the 
universe that we simply do not understand. Our lack of ability to 
comprehend does not make them impossible.

I have no way of determining the validity of Judge's claim, and 
certainly do not wish to convince anyone of one side of the argument 
or the other. But it does seem advisable, in the light of the crucial 
nature of the work of Theosophy for the evolution of humanity, that 
we at least exercise a bit of tolerance in considering such 
questions. More may depend upon our conclusions that we could know.


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