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Re: Theos-World No reply to Bill Meredith's Excellent Post

Sep 03, 2004 08:41 PM
by samblo

Thanks for the invite and your comments. First of all my world view is 
moderated by the following:
I find the most affection to the Siva' Advaita paradigm which is 
Non-dualist, so I tend see your view about how the lower mind inverts always to form 
and conformity with or empirically viewed persona, this is an "automaticity" in 
my view and also a rigid prerequisite of the lower mind the in practice 
operatively provides both stability of our perceived world and stable reinforcement 
of the lower ego. In some schools this is a recognized simplicity and due to 
this presencing of various Imagery of all types are brought into practice "for 
the benefit of their minds" and is as such recognized as "expedient means." In 
this view due to the unprogressed state of individuals they still require 
form and image in order to continue effort towards the ultimate goal, and in many 
cases they would not try at all if such external or internal images were to 
be deprived of them. Recognizing this as Patanjali and other see as the 
"Patterned -Conditioned" state in which is found the greatest number of Mankind, at 
least in this present time and for a foreseeable future, the choice is too give 
what means is a help even if deficient too a higher standard, or leave a 
great portion of people absent of a Path. I think all means that move mankind 
forward towards have to be considered by what they produce and do not produce if 
no action is taken at all. Suffrage has many forms in the world. Granting 
Beingness to others in the act of Self-recognition of One-self in all others is a 
way to view the seeming departures from a strong desire that there will be some 
form of Homogeniety, but "absolutes" are not found to be obtainable, at least 
in our Energy creation Habitat.
I do think there is a senior function that is active at the dynamic level 
of the collective Humanity and that it is it that moderates, governs, 
informs, and limits the holistic differentiation that presents the wide spectrum of 
beliefs, practices and attraction that we observe as we look about ourselves at 
this world. The Mandukya gradiates consciousness into several main divisions 
common to our reality and possibilities, within that there could be infinite 
smaller steps within each. It seems that seeing "expedient means" appear is not 
an anachronism but a predictable normalcy of the projection of consciousness. 
Siva' has five actions:
I see these everywhere in myself and others, even in the story of Adam and 
Eve. Why become inordinately distracted by all this Leela?


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