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Re: Theos-World Re: Working with controversy

Sep 02, 2004 05:57 PM
by samblo

Thanks for your comments. I am not intending to throw water on either side 
of this thread, but it has several times as I read the pro and con views 
raised a question in my mind. I have so far not seen mention as to whether or not 
Adyar in it's organizational structure has some form of Board of Editors to 
whom the many "contributing authors" submit their works and who evaluate, review 
and make decisions as to publishment, cost of publishment, market 
receptivity, inside or outside a predetermined breadth and scope they broadly accept, and 
"politically correct" considerations.
Do you or any know if there is such a "Review Editorial board" and who the 
named individuals are that compose it? It seems logical to me that there is 
probably some such organism present whether Wheaton or Adyar, and it also seems 
logical to me that it might be that the Executive Leadership might not be 
cognizant in a direct personal manner as to rejections or acceptances of 
submitted works. What do you and the others think about this?


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