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Theos-World Re: Working with controversy

Sep 03, 2004 02:26 AM
by Perry Coles

Hello John,
In answer to your question, I don't know but am very keen to hear
official word on this myself.
Political correctness is no excuse for censorship as long as what is 
stated can be backed up by evidence to support what is being said 
especially if it has a direct baring on theosophical history.

Institutions and individuals that ignore there past are doomed to 
repeat it.
Commitment to freedom of speech is one that takes struggle to 
maintain as power vested interests will inevitably call for status 
A rather strong but none the less important quote on freedom of 
speech from Naom Chomsky is
"If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those views we
we do not believe in it at all".

Worth reflecting on I think.

I think the policies in the TS of all places needs to be very clear 
on where it stands for writers so they can explore and investigate 
If the society followed HPB's advise on how its journals should
vigorous debate even if minor personality upsets occur in the process 
because a belief has been challenged.
The larger principal of Freedom is far more important than just the 
risk of some mindsets being challenged and upset in the short term. 
My own beliefs and ideas have continually been challenged all though 
my life and will I expect continue to be, sure my personality gets 
upset sometimes but that's expectable and I think inevitable when 
your searching for deeper understandings on life.

If information on HPB was discovered of a sensitive nature that may 
impact on how I view her writings as a student I'd want to be 
informed rather simply say `my mind is made up don't confuse
me with 
the facts'.

It will be interesting to see if there is any clear and official 
policy or statement regarding this issue that will be forthcoming.



--- In, samblo@c... wrote:
> Perry,
> Thanks for your comments. I am not intending to throw water on 
either side 
> of this thread, but it has several times as I read the pro and con 
> raised a question in my mind. I have so far not seen mention as to 
whether or not 
> Adyar in it's organizational structure has some form of Board of 
Editors to 
> whom the many "contributing authors" submit their works and who 
evaluate, review 
> and make decisions as to publishment, cost of publishment, market 
> receptivity, inside or outside a predetermined breadth and scope 
they broadly accept, and 
> "politically correct" considerations.
> Do you or any know if there is such a "Review Editorial board" 
and who the 
> named individuals are that compose it? It seems logical to me that 
there is 
> probably some such organism present whether Wheaton or Adyar, and 
it also seems 
> logical to me that it might be that the Executive Leadership might 
not be 
> cognizant in a direct personal manner as to rejections or 
acceptances of 
> submitted works. What do you and the others think about this?
> John
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