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Majority of posters vs. majority of posts

Sep 02, 2004 08:29 AM
by kpauljohnson

Dear Pedro,

You wrote:

> Now the editorial line of THEOSOPHY WORLD is clearly established 
> around the Blavatsky-Mahatmas-Judge tradition, with very few 
> exceptions. The overwhelming majority of the *vocal* participants in 
> theos-talk resonates to the same line mentioned above.

Dear Pedro,

I would suggest that if you define "vocal" as meaning "posts here on a
regular basis" then there is no majority such as you suggest, let
alone an overwhelming majority. It's just that a few extremely
prolific contributors skew the picture. It may indeed be true that
the overwhelming majority of *posts* are as you describe. But factor
out a couple of highly prolific individuals and you will see that
there is no such majority among participants. Some lists I've
belonged to have limited the number of posts per day, to avoid endless
back-and-forth, inquisitional bullying, relentless preaching, etc. It
seems to have worked, but here it would make Eldon's job a lot harder.



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