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re Paul on "Multiperspectivalist Society" and "original spirit of what HPB was trying to do"

Apr 04, 2004 08:18 AM
by Mauri

Paul wrote, partly: <<Maybe someone should start a Multiperspectivalist Society and get back to the original spirit of what HPB was trying to do.

I've been a member of the Toronto TS for some years, and I don't know about other TS's, but I don't see how this one could be any more multiperspectivalistisisistic than it already is, seeing as they seem to be not only studying, but praising, apparently, writings, writers, people that have been getting many critical comments on these lists. They have had special sessions just for such praisings and thanksgivings. I'm tending to refrain from naming names of such authors on the grounds that that might be, in a sense, somewhat too multi of me to do, here, in this context, maybe. While there may be perfectly good enough reasons why lots of people of all kinds might be praised and studied (after all, if "all kinds" of people are real enough, to begin with, well then, obviously enough ...)... In my case, eg, I have read/studied authors that, I suspect, lots of people might consider crazy, dipsy, flapdoodly, delusional, among other things, "basically," in some sense ...

Still, I'm tending to wonder if there might be some kind of "relevant-enough but" that might be worth considering in the context of multiness in Theosophy, generally speaking (if not always "more particularly speaking," so much, maybe, in some cases/scenarios ...) ... While "broader" perspectives in general might be seen to be a good thing, wouln't the nature of the "broadness" have something to do with the nature of the goodness or relativity of such broadnesses ... Not that broadnesses in general might not tend to get manipulated in so many ways, but ...

So maybe you should try out the Toronto TS, Paul, if you want more multi. While that TS seems a little too multi for my taste, I've been giving them $15 a year so can borrow books from their library.
Not that the people there aren't "nice," and all like that (and I have attented a number of their meetings), but/"but"... In other words, I think I'm trying to say that, while there may be forms of multiness in Theosophic societies that might be seen to promote some kind of progress, seems to me that one might ALSO want to consider whether there might be forms of multiness that might have the effect of tending to dilute and erase the Theosophical Movement as such, possibly tending to replace it with whatever such multiness might promote, whatever that might be per whoever ...


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