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masters and such

Apr 02, 2004 09:46 AM
by John Plummer


Thanks for your post and the link to your very interesting article!

The question of the Masters and the TS is an interesting one -- and 
it is very curious that the contemporary TS leadership seems content 
to be uncontacted. While I am completely unable to make any 
judgments about who is or isn't in contact with the Masters, or 
exactly who/what the Masters are, if they exist.... it is 
interesting to see who claims a connection....

At least the TS still acknowledges the Masters as a signficant source 
of HPB's teaching (if one accepts her account). Anthroposophists, 
on the other hand, are often shocked by Steiner's references to the 
Masters in his earlier teachings.

I've always been partial to the perspective of the ex-Theosophist 
Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth)-- that the Masters as we perceive 
them are all imagination, but that the Masters are also real. (DF 
famously said about Blavatsky: "I think she faked the letters, but I 
don't think she faked the Masters.") Thus, there is something out 
there (a wise universe, the communion of saints, telepathic adepts -- 
take your pick) which really is communicating with us for the 
betterment of all life, through the potent medium of the human 
imagination. Fortune's Society of the Inner Light and its numerous 
offspring (the Servants of the Light, the Magi Group, etc) all 
continue to claim a living contact with this Reality (whatever it may 
be) as a hallmark of a valid inner school.

No conclusions here -- just ponderings ---

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