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Re: Theos-World RE: [bn-study] Wadia and Besant on JUDGE

Sep 30, 2003 11:33 PM
by leonmaurer

How does anyone ever know what B. P. Wadia thought (other than through his 
writings) after he left the TS and became an associate of ULT? 

Since ULT is not an "organization" -- but an "association" of "independent 
students of theosophy" -- it cannot have any "leaders." So, what is there to 
vote for? 

Each associate is his/ger own leader, and studies what they will, through 
their own self devised and self determined efforts, with what is offered 
voluntarily by other students of greater learning. ULT, along with its facilities 
(lecture halls, classrooms, libraries, books, etc.,) which are also offered 
voluntarily as an umbrella for such study, has no hierarchies, rules, or 
regulations and makes no demands -- other than that students respect each other and use 
common sense about how things are to be voluntarily run and taken care of. 
What more does it need?

It should also be made clear, that while ULT recognizes and follows the 
"Objects" of the Theosoophical Movement, the TS and the TM are not to be conflated 
with each other.

Isn't that clear enough? So, when is this confusion about ULT (that is 
guided solely by its openly published Declaration which makes it perfectly clear 
what it is and what are its aims and purposes) -- and comparing it with non self 
ruled "organizations" with constitutions, bylaws, hierarchies, etc., that are 
run entirely differently (and sometimes, dictatorially) under different 
guidelines -- going to end? 

As for Pasadena and Wheaton, why not ask them how they run their 
organizations and businesses, if that's what's so interesting to anyone? But, why should 
any "independent" student of fundamental theosophy (and in-depth occultism if 
they so choose) give a damn? 


In a message dated 09/30/03 7:53:20 PM, writes:

>This brings up something that puzzles me. He (BPW) thought that the
>local people should have the right to run their own elections, and
>every individual should have the right to decide how they would
>vote, --
>When is the last time anyone in the UTL had the chance to vote on
>anything? Do they have periodic elections?
>And for the Pasadena based branch, how often do they have elections,
>and allow the members to express their right to vote?
>I am aware that the people at Wheaton vote from time to time for their

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