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RE: [bn-study] anonymity

Sep 30, 2003 04:51 PM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

Sept 30 2003

Dear Larry:

I would say the first thing to determine is:

1.	Is the philosophy of Theosophy of value and important? {Have we
studied it in depth?)

2.	Is the account (history from various points of view) at all
useful on a fundamental basis -- or is it a kind of intellectual
pass-time. (Is it something we ought to know about, since people ask
about it and the various personages who have been attracted to the
Theosophical wave of interest.)

Personally I am deeply interested in the account that H P B and W Q J
offer of the basis and fundamentals of THEOSOPHY. I have had to delve
into the "history" so as to be able to answer questions.

"Anonymity" was chosen by the founder of the U L T, Mr. Crosbie, so that
in the work of the U L T, reliance would be placed on THEOSOPHY (the
"original" presentation) and NOT on persons. [ Do I repeat? Sorry. ] 

If any "person" or "persons" were named and chosen as "Leader(s)", then
some of the attention might be diverted from THEOSOPHY and on to
whatever such person(s) might (rightly or wrongly) say or do. In other
words, some people might begin to follow what they think a person means
or says, and, in so doing, they might cease, to some extent from the
definite duty of defining for themselves valid principles. That it:
instead of studying and then relying on their own powers of independent
COMMON SENSE, they might try to use what seems to them a "short-cut" -
and Mr. Crosbie, observing the trail of events in the TSes, tried to
avoid that for the U L T. Needless to say, most of the "associates"
choose to follow that lead. 

As a kind of "safety valve" the DECLARATION of the U L T was published,
and the application for association was made as clear and simple as
possible. The "principle" is IMPERSONALITY and UNIVERSALITY - as a mark
of spiritual endeavor. Anyone can agree to that, those who choose to
support the U L T work become associates, but no one is required to do
that, as the activities of the U L T are, in any case, all open to the
public. All are welcome. No fees or dues are expected. 

THEOSOPHY claims to be a report on the laws and rules of all integrated
life in our world, and universe. We are a vital part of it. 

Theosophical psychology delves into our make-up. 

1. The "personality" (as we are when awake: alive, in our
physical bodies, our emotions (desires, passions, needs and wants), and
our thoughts (including memory, anticipation, thinking, forgetting, and
the strange flashes of intuition and genius we all have). 

3. It then asks us to try to discover who "WE" are. Since we
are the resident and causative regent of the "Personality." Are we
"Soul, Mind, Spiritual Self" Eternal Pilgrim" - what? Is it this that
Theosophy calls the "INDIVIDUALITY?" Is it for this that immortality
is clamed as a potential, if not an actual fact? Are reasonable
statements made that support this?

4. Where do WE come from, and where are WE going? Is there a
purpose to existence? Is the Universe, our world, ourselves in close
interrelation? Has there been any study made of this? Do "Science" and
"Religion" carry the imprint of such studies, both past and present?

5. Is there a "Spiritual Man? If so where is He or It ? 

6. Is there a brotherhood of all "beings" -- looked at it from
the spiritual and not the physical, emotional, or merely mental points
of view?

7. How can we get rid of controversy?

I would agree that as far as possible the work of the U L T and its
associates reflects the desire to study, prove and demonstrate the value
of THEOSOPHY. Cal it a "mind-set" if you will. We are ALL students.

Best wishes,



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Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2003 11:48 AM
Subject: [bn-study] anonymity

Well, it seems we've made much progress on this topic of ULT and
anonymity. Thanks to 
Jerome, Leon and Reed for the personal examples showing the various
interpretations of 
this. Indeed, it does not seem to be etched in stone.

I wonder, having come this far, if we can now revisit our original
question with some 
conclusive answers?

A student queried about Theosophical history.

Dallas replied with a recommendation of THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT,

A few other students offered criticism of this work as it being a ULT
biased publication.

Dallas came back with his first anonymity piece and the rest is history.

So how DO we classify this work? Can we say that it is the work of ULT
and may indeed reflect the mindset of that association?


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