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RE: [bn-study] help SD

Sep 24, 2003 03:15 AM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

Sept 24 2003

Dear Etzion:

This is a quotation of importance as it relates to human psychology.

The "PRESENCE" is a poetic way of denoting the UNKNOWN UNIVERSAL GOD
PRINCIPLE - the SOURCE and LIFE of the UNIVERSE. We are each a part of
IT. We cannot escape it and bathe in it continually, but we do not know
it yet.


Every human is a dual, or rather, a triple being. He/she is
fundamentally a SPIRIT enveloped in gross ideas, gross feelings, and
gross matter. 

In between stands Emotion and Mind, two separate principles. Our
evolution makes the "lower mind and emotions" into their higher
spiritual nature. This is the life of the disciple studying WISDOM which
transforms them.

It suggests that selfish, personal, evil intentions be destroyed, and
serve only as the marks of the progress the spiritual Ego makes as it
advances towards the inner "Presence" the ever-concealed UNIVERSAL
CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN. This is the ONE SPIRIT. We are only vaguely
able to think of it. Yet we are sure it exists. Also we are sure we
are a part of it, as is every other being in the whole Universe. Hence
the important idea is always BROTHERHOOD. 

In other words, if we spiritualize and refine our lower self, and, if we
are able to eliminate all selfishness, we will be able to become
impersonal and universal ourselves - thus, we may say (poetically) we
will be able to bear (without being destroyed) the sight, directly, of
the brilliant light of the ONE TRUTH (symbolized by the Spiritual SUN.).

"Objective sacrificial victims" means that our selfish delusions,
ideas, notions, fancies, passions, desires and emotions are completely
eliminated - they are to be sacrificed in the cause of universal

If we are truly brotherly [and each one of us is a spiritual MONAD, an
IMMORTAL EGO, one with the Universal SPIRIT ] then we cannot be or do
evil. Evil is selfishness. If selfishness is eliminated, brotherhood,
unity and cooperation remains - and that is THEOSOPHY. This is why we
try to control and purify the "lower mind" - to free it of self-directed
desire and passions. For this process, we have to study Nature and the
Laws of the Universe -- we need WISDOM -- a knowledge of the laws and
rules of the Universe, so we can comply with them. 

Hope that this helps,

Best wishes,



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Since you were so good, here is another one. Same abridgement, page 123.
First paragraph from top, which ends:
".... and their sinful intentions the only visible and objective
sacrificial victims to the Presence".

"sacrifice the selfish desires which are the only visible and objective
victims that make up the Lower Self, to the SPIRITUAL PRESENCE (the
ATMA - SPIRIT already in man).


I simply cannot place this English text properly into simple Hebrew. I
understand what HPB means here, so I think, that our mistakes etc are
the only things to be dealt with before the Altar of God, or the Divine
Hierarchy of Beings who help humanity on its path. 
Can you rephrase this sentence? *objective sacrificial victims*? 
The only true issues to deal with?

God's Presence? 
Thanks in advance, Etzion

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